Exploring the power of performance to transform people, places, ideas and culture.


The Centre for Performance Practice and Research (CPPR) brings together researchers who have diverse research interests in the fields of theatre, dance, performance studies, and interdisciplinary studies in creative practice.

We believe in the  power of performance to transform people, places, ideas, and the dynamics of our wider culture. Indeed, 'place' is a common reseach theme within the centre; this is reflected in our recently launched Institute of Place, which is based on the idea that the performing arts (as a practice-based academic discipline) offers excellent conditions to examine the diverse needs of localities and new communities through performance practice and audience engagement. Find out more about the Institute of Place.

In their research, CPPR members espouse a diversity of approaches to making, viewing and analysing performance in all its forms, from live theatre and dance to film and cultural performance more broadly, with further approaches to theatre history and the lives and works of specific artists. Many of our researchers have an interest in notions of community and community practices, and this thread can be seen in a variety of forms, from interests in collaborative practices and applied theatre to research that engages with wider communities of practice on a thematic and cultural level.

As a community of researchers, we regard our diversity as a strength that produces lively and productive tensions in approaches to the study of performance. Within the Centre there are groups of researchers who share broader thematic or methodological approaches to their work, for example in areas of research through practice, or through interests in the politics of performance, musical theatre, ethics, gender, or performance histories. The interaction between a shared approach to research and diversity of research content offers the potential for a dynamic exchange of ideas and the fostering of a rich, fertile and politically engaged research culture within our broader field of study.

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Rhythm in Body on Stage, an international hybrid conference on 25-27 February 2022

Featuring CPPR member Dr Olu Taiwo as Keynote Speaker. Dr Taiwo will talk about his new book The Return Beat - Interfacing with Our Interface, A Spiritual Approach to the Golden Triangle (Peter Lang Music and Spirituality Series).

Find out more about the Rhythm in Body on Stage conference.

Find out more about The Return Beat - Interfacing with Our Interface, A Spiritual Approach to the Golden Triangle.

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Background image: CPPR member John Lee's company Fuse has an impressive track record of using outdoor arts for community engagement, to raise awareness of issues such as the environment. These beautiful dragonflies could be seen buzzing around at Somerfest in Taunton, Somerset.


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