University of Winchester inclusivity in sport research: two young girls doing karate

Inclusivity in Sport is a research strand of the Sport and Exercise Research Centre.

We examine national and international relationships between students, athletes and various levels of organised, competitive sports and physical education.

Using a range of qualitative and quantitative measures, ongoing research activities include:

Strand leader

Professor Eric Anderson

Academic researchers


Extensive media activity has been undertaken to disseminate research findings regarding LGBT athlete experiences, e.g. this press release about the shift towards a more inclusive sporting community.

Key publications

Magrath, R., Batten, J., Anderson, E., & White, A.J. (2021). Five-year cohort study of White-British male student-athletes’ attitudes toward gay men. Journal for the Study of Sports and Athletes in Education.

McVeagh, H., Smith, M. J., & Randall, V. (2020). “It’s like it doesn’t really matter”: Are teachers accountable and equipped for teaching primary physical education. Education.

Muir, K., Anderson, E., Parry, K.D., & Letts, D. (2021). The changing nature of gay rugby clubs in the United Kingdom. Sociology of Sport Journal.

Parry, K.D., Storr, R., Kavanagh, E.J., & Anderson, E. (2021). Conceptualising organisational cultural lag: marriage equality and Australian sport. Journal of Sociology.

Postgraduate research

PhD opportunity

Evaluating the experiences of LGBT athletes about being open about their sexuality.

Current research students

Image top by Ashima Pargal on Unsplash