Criminal Justice Research Network

Academics and practitioners working together to foster knowledge exchange in the field of criminal justice.

About us

Founded in 2019, the Criminal Justice Research Network (CJRN) is a formal collaboration of researchers, practitioners and academics working in the field of criminal justice. The focus is on knowledge exchange, practice change, research collaboration and student engagement.

The CJRN comprises experts from the University of Winchester’s Centre for Forensic and Investigative Psychology (CFIP), and our Policing and Criminology experts, working alongside colleagues from other universities and criminal justice organisations.

Key objectives:

The CJRN aims to accomplish these by assisting with research development, research and knowledge exchange.

Get involved

If you are an academic, practitioner or researcher working in the criminal justice field and are interested in joining the CJRN, or if you would like further information about the network, please email Dr Beth Parsons.