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About us

The goal of our health and wellbeing research is to positively influence the lives of individuals, families, communities and organisations, and to translate theory and research into effective policy and practice. Our vision is to carry out world-leading research that empowers individuals and communities to flourish. We are a hub for collaboration with colleagues across the University and with key external partners such as Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Health Education England and the Winchester Diocese.

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Who we are

The Health and Wellbeing Research Group is led by Professor Simon Jobson and was established in 2015. It is a multidisciplinary group of researchers interested in a variety of health and wellbeing research areas including wellbeing at work, faith-based networks, community wellbeing, Arts as wellbeing; global health, and sport, health and exercise.

The Health and Wellbeing Research Group includes:

To find out more about faith-based networks and community wellbeing, contact Prof. Geoffrey Meads or Dr Amanda Lees.

To find out more about wellbeing at work research, contact  or Dr Rachel Locke.

What we believe

We believe that health and wellbeing are at the heart of what it is to flourish. We further believe that to maximise health and wellbeing, an inter- and multidisciplinary approach and understanding are required. We embrace the multiple perspectives that inform understandings of health and wellbeing that include, but are not limited to, clinical definitions, community and societal definitions, and world health perspectives.

Our research

We serve as a recognised source of empirical expertise and conceptual creativity for developments in wellbeing practices through:

  • identifying and addressing local, regional and national knowledge gaps in ways that enhance the activity of wellbeing agencies;
  • collaborations with key partners;
  • qualitative data capture and analysis methods that effectively support clinical and community developments in health interventions;
  • comparative and evaluative studies of exemplar projects (e.g. in faith-based social enterprises and arts practices);
  • transferable learning and joint publications and projects with international and UK-based associates.

Research seminar series

We run a regular research seminar series throughout the year. This focusses on research methods and also enables staff to disseminate their research among colleagues, research students and external partners. We also regularly invite external speakers, both practitioners and academics, to talk about their experiences in the field. For further information or if you are interested in presenting, please email Penelope Bates.

Postgraduate research supervision

We offer a wealth of postgraduate research opportunities within a supportive environment. Find out more about Postgraduate Research Degrees at Winchester.

External partners and projects

Higher Education partners

The 'Culture, Sport and Wellbeing Evidence Review: Social Diversity and Context Matters' is a collaboration between the ESRC, the University of Brunel, The London School of Economics and Political Science, the University of Winchester and the University of Brighton. Find out more HERE and HERE.

The Universities of Winchester and Southampton collaborate on the Dinosaur Study. For more information, contact Dr Amanda Lees

National and regional partners

Hampshire Hospitals NHS Trust

Through the Hampshire Collaboration for Health Research and Education, we work closely with the Hampshire Hospitals NHS Trust.

Southampton Children’s Hospital

HaWRG and Southampton Children’s Hospital collaborate on the Wessex Healthier Together Project. To find out more, contact Dr Amanda Lees or Dr Christine Tapson.

Health Education England

HaWRG and HEE collaborate on a number of projects:

  • Doctors with Asperger’s
  • The influence of culture on medical trainees
  • How postgraduate doctors develop their clinical thinking

For more infomation, contact Dr Rachel Locke.

Centre for Social Work Practice

We work with the CSWP on evaluation of reflective practice groups. For more information, contact Dr Amanda Lees

Community partners

HaWRG's Prof. Geoffrey Meads works with the Winchester Diocese on community cohesion and diversity. He also works with Friends of the Family (evaluation), Winchester Basics Bank (user satisfaction study) and the English Community Hospital Association.


Health and Wellbeing Research strands

Arts as Wellbeing research

The Centre for the Arts as Wellbeing is concerned with restoring a wider sense of value for the arts in the context of promoting wellbeing in individuals, communities, and the environment. Find out more about our Arts as Wellbeing research.

Sport and Exercise research

Our Sport and Exercise scientists conduct research in a wide range of sport, exercise and health-related areas. Find out more about our Sport and Exercise research.

Medical Education research and wellbeing of health practitioners

Medical Education is an important and rapidly expanding area of research at Winchester. Find out more about our Medical Education research.

Psychology research

Our Psychology researchers have particular strengths in human perception and cognition. Find out more about our Psychology research.

Patient & Public Involvement (PPI) in research

The Health and Wellbeing Research Group is currently developing ways to ensure that patients and the public are central to health and wellbeing research at the University of Winchester. We have an Innovative approach to PPI, focussing in particular on children and families.

Examples of PPI:

  • Patients or service users working with a research team to agree research priorities and to indentify topics of importance;
  • Involvement of patients in a research project steering group to help manage the project;
  • Asking children and young people to help develop study designs and information to encourage their peers to participate;
  • Supporting and training a service user to carry out interviews or focus groups with other service users.

For more information on PPI, please contact Dr Amanda Lees, Senior Research Officer.

Hampshire Collaboration for Health Research and Education

Supporting innovative health research and education opportunities between Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and the University of Winchester. Find out more.

Meet the Health and Wellbeing Research Group teams

Health and Wellbeing research

Winchester Centre for Global Health

Hampshire Collaboration for Health Research and Education

  • Barbara Parry
  • Prof. John Ramage
  • Phil Thwaites (academic profile forthcoming)

Visiting Professors

  • Prof. Richard Hindley (academic profile forthcoming)
  • Prof. Judith Lathlean
  • Prof. Christian Phillips
  • Prof. Mark Rickenbach

Contact us

For general enquiries, email Penelope Bates, HAWRG Research Administrator.

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