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Your additional costs

To find out what your costs are for your course, please see our course pages.

The following table sets out the general principles which apply to courses at the University of Winchester.


Category  Included in the Tuition Fee Additional cost to student 
Field Trips (including trips abroad and trips to museums, theatres, workshops etc.) Yes, if the trip contributes to the course as a core module, but not including food and drink. Yes, if the trip is not an essential part of the course but is offered as part of an optional module, or for a student's personal development.
Travel and accommodation costs for placements No  Travel and accommodation costs for all work placements.
Text-books  No  Students are required to purchase textbooks when recommended by their course. 
DBS/Health checks  No  Yes

Professional Body


No  Yes
Travel to other sites  No Yes
Clothing/equipment  Yes, where the clothing/equipment is essential for Health & Safety reasons.  Yes, where the clothing and equipment is kept by the student and not essential for Health & Safety reasons. 
Learning materials  Essential learning materials (excluding textbooks) in connection with the course. Additional materials beyond the standard provision essential for the course or where the costs are determined by the student's area of interest and the outputs are retained by the student. 
Library Fees, MMC Loan Counter and Fines No  Students will be expected to pay a fine for late returns, loss and/or damage to the property. There are no fees for taking library books or equipment on loan. 
Printing and photocopying No, printing is free for students. The University is pleased to offer our students a printing allowance of £5 each academic year. This will print around 125 A4 mono pages. If students wish to print more, printer credit can be topped up by the student. The University and Student Union are champions of sustainability and we ask all our students to consider the environmental impact before printing.
Social events No, unless the event forms an essential part of the course. Yes, unless the event forms an essential part of the course.
Graduation It is free for the student to attend the ceremony itself. Robe hire, photography and guest tickets are additional costs payable by the student.