Where could your Psychology Degree from Winchester take you?

9 May 2024

Studying Psychology at Winchester can open up a broad range of exciting and rewarding career choices. If you haven’t thought much about what you might like to do after university, or if you do have a pretty clear idea of where you want to go, read on to find out more about how we support you to develop and achieve your ambitions. 

From day one, you join the Psychology@Winchester community and we start working with you to prepare you for your life beyond uni. We are different to other unis because we are committed to helping you identify and craft a personally meaningful and rewarding career. We don't just teach you your degree, we help you to unlock your future and realise your full potential. We call this ‘Psychology Futures.’   


What is ‘Psychology Futures’ at Winchester?   

We embed your professional development into each year of your degree so you can graduate ready for the world of work, whether that is in Psychology or in a totally different area. Psychology Futures is key to your undergraduate Psychology degree and here’s how it could help you:   

- we focus on you and your individual future journey and helping you make the best choices for you    

- we provide professional development focused modules in each year of your degree    

- you will work with your personal tutor to build your confidence and support your future career exploration  

- you will be supported by a dedicated careers advisor, who remains available to you even after you graduate  

- we provide a range of careers events to explore different ideas and options, including your annual careers fair 

- you have opportunities to gain practical experience through volunteering or work placements    

All of this is alongside your personalised support for career planning and support with your job or postgraduate study applications.  

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We arrange fun group tasks in your first week to help you settle in and make new friends 


What skills will I develop if I study Psychology at Winchester? 

Studying here you’ll learn so much about yourself, develop loads of skills and most importantly have fun! We know that employers value the distinctive skills that you develop during your degree (these include advanced research skills, a deep understanding of human behaviour and critical thinking) and your confidence will increase as your skills develop. By the time you graduate you’ll be ready to go out into the world of work, in whichever field you choose.


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Where could my Psychology degree take me? 

In Psychology@Winchester, we know one of the big questions you have will be which career path to choose that is meaningful to you personally, because there are so many options available to you with a Psychology degree. We care about your future and our approach of viewing your professional development as a guided journey of discovery will lead you along your own personal career path, the one that is right for you. There are so many exciting routes you can choose, from training as a clinical or forensic psychologist, to working in marketing, education or social research. We know that employers such as the NHS, the civil service, charities, and research organisations seek out Psychology graduates because of their valuable skillsets.   

And that’s enough from us. Over to Emily and Max, two of our Psychology graduates, on the routes they have followed since graduating:  

“After finishing my degree, I worked for a while and then decided to do a part-time Masters in Organisational Psychology which was in line with my interests that I had uncovered whilst studying the Work Psychology module in my third year at Winchester. The module gave me a foundation of knowledge and that, combined with my statistics experience, meant I could confidently apply for the Civil Service HR Fast Stream Scheme. 

I have now finished the scheme and have recently joined the Defence Science Technology Laboratory in an organisational development role. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the foundation of skills that my psychology degree set, and my tutors who helped me develop my confidence and passion in organisational psychology.”  

Emily, graduated 2019 in BSc (Hons) Psychology    


"The variety of modules available at Winchester and regular career support helped me to see what is possible with a degree in Psychology. This has led to an exciting and fulfilling career that uses my skills and interests.   

After my undergraduate degree in Psychology at Winchester, I joined the Office for National Statistics as a Research Officer. Initially, my role took me into the world of crime statistics; measuring, reporting and improving crime analysis. Promotion to Senior Research Officer led me to health research, using open-source code to collect, process and report statistics, skills I had initially developed during my degree.   

My Psychology degree has helped me develop a critical and holistic approach to challenges, enabling me to provide actionable insights with real-world outcomes."   

Max, graduated 2020 in BSc (Hons) Social Psychology  


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