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History Taking and Assessment

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This short course will provide Registered Nurses and Registered Allied Health Care Professionals with a comprehensive understanding of consultation models and a systematic approach to history taking and physical assessment.

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Course overview

This short course will provide Registered Nurses and Registered Allied Health Care Professionals with a comprehensive understanding of consultation models and a systematic approach to history taking and physical assessment, including for different age groups, those with difficulties with communication, as well as for people who may require mental health assessment in a variety of different settings.

Teaching and practical sessions in simulation wards will cover Inspection, Auscultation, Palpation, and Percussion skills as part of the physical examination for common respiratory, cardiovascular, neurological, abdominal, musculoskeletal, and ENT conditions.

Students will be equipped with the skills to make credible referrals in cases of proven or suspected abnormality, undertake exploration of legal, professional, and ethical issues and critically consider of the evidence base underpinning health assessment, role expansion and advanced practice.

What you need to know

Course start date

February 2024


University of Winchester Campus

Course length

9 days


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Typical offer

Health Professionals



Course features

  • Face-to-face learning
  • Led by Senior Lecturers and Advanced Care Practitioners

Course details


Face to face learning on the University site in classrooms and simulated environments.

Learning and teaching

This module is led by Senior Lecturers and Advanced Care Practitioners who provide preparatory activities, classroom teaching, group work and workshops as well as teacher facilitated practical sessions in the simulated environments here at the University of Winchester.

The summative assessment at the end of the module, is through an Observed Structured Clinical Examination, where the student will be assessed in the application of history taking and assessment skills in a simulated environment in the university.

The support of the students’ application of learning from the module in practice by a suitably qualified and experience supervisor is required and should be in place for when the student commences the course.

The student will also be required to prepare for their study days through the preparatory materials provided and make opportunities to practice related learning regularly outside of the taught module.

The duration of this course may vary, but comprised of 8 study days and one exam day.

By the conclusion of this module, a student will be expected to be able to:

  • Take an accurate, comprehensive, and focused history, including mental health and mental status assessment.
  • Differentiate and explore normal from abnormal findings for a wide range of clinical presentations and investigations including those influenced by genetic, ethnic, physiological, anatomical and developmental/lifespan differences.
  • Integrate knowledge of the underlying anatomy and pathophysiology to interpret the significance and implications of clinical findings.
  • Demonstrate a critical understanding of a broadened level of responsibility and autonomy and limits of competence and professional scope of practice.

The module is jointly delivered by experienced and practising Advanced Care Practitioners from local clinical areas, alongside Senior Lecturers from the University of Winchester who also have expertise in the field of advanced practice.


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Teaching and learning is across 8 full study days, and focuses on the application of related models and tools for effective patient History Taking and Physical Assessment, as well as the related application of practical skills in a simulated environment.

All the study days for this module are face to face and students must be available to attend all study days and the OSCE exam date.

Entry requirements

Health Professionals

This short course is aimed at practicing Registered Nurses and Registered Allied Health Care Professionals who are in roles requiring, or that will require advanced skills in history taking and physical assessment of patients.

Evidence of NMC / HCPC registration and related professional qualifications are required before commencing the module, and a formal application made.

Confirmed course dates: 

Feb 2024
May 2024

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No International Entry Requirements for this course.

This course is available for health care professionals.

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