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This course has been created for people who are undertaking Master’s level study for the first time and wish to further develop their academic skills. 

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Course overview

This course has been created for people who are undertaking Master’s level study for the first time and wish to further develop their academic skills. Through a programme of guided study, learners will have opportunities to develop skills of enquiry, reflection and problem-solving, as well as to think and write critically on their chosen area of study. Topics such as academic and assignment writing are designed to offer practical skills for those students who have not previously studied at this level or who have had a gap in their educational journeys, to enable them to achieve their best quality of academic work.  

What you need to know

Course start date

January 2024


Online Learning

Course length

Short Course


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Typical offer

Bachelors Degree or Equivalent



Course features

  • Student-directed learning
  • Builds practical skills

Course details


Online course on canvas with a mixture of live and pre-recorded lectures, written notes, videos, activities, MCQs to test learning and additional resources.

Learning and teaching

Learning is student-guided and there are 5 sections to work through:  

  • Introduction to Studies as a Postgraduate Student
  • Working at a Faster Pace and Time Management
  • Academic Language and Academic Writing Skills
  • Postgraduate Research
  • Assessment Types and Practice

Each section has links to other resources and online materials from the University of Winchester to guide the learner to develop their Level 7 academic skills.

Assessment guidance from the courses of study the students will be accessing for this level 7 study are offered as guidance to the variety of assessments used at the University of Winchester. 

Learners will work through 5 hours of self-directed content and submit a short formative written assignment at the end.


Please note the modules listed are correct at the time of publishing. The University cannot guarantee the availability of all modules listed and modules may be subject to change. The University will notify applicants of any changes made to the core modules listed. For further information please refer to

Entry requirements

Bachelors Degree or Equivalent

This course is for people applying to undertake level 7 courses for the first time, this could be a short course, a postgraduate certificate or a full Master's programme.


It will be particularly useful for people who completed their undergraduate degree several years ago, or for those who have not studied at a university in the UK before. 

Course Dates

Our course dates are as follows:



24 September 2024

7 January 2024

25 March 2024

17 December 2024

22 April 2025

8 July 2025

Course enquiries and applications

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No International Entry Requirements for this course.

No International Entry Requirements for this course.

Additional costs

For information about staff and student discounts please contact the short course administrator