Undergraduate scholarships, bursaries and awards

Undergraduate scholarships, bursaries and awards

We offer a range of scholarships, bursaries and awards for students joining us in September. These provide students with financial support based on their academic achievements, personal circumstances and household income.

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Income-based bursaries


The following bursaries are proposed for the 2018/19 academic year but are subject to confirmation:

£2000 University Bursary (Band 1)

Open to: New Home and EU entrants in 2018/19 on eligible full-time courses
Exemptions: Not open to PGCE students
Criteria: Household income less than £16,000
Value: £1000 in year 1. £500 in years 2 and 3.
Access agreement: Yes (subject to agreement)
How to apply: No application is necessary. Income assessment is carried out by Student Finance

£1000 University Bursary (Band 2)

Open to: New Home and EU entrants in 2017/18 on eligible full-time courses
Exemptions: Not open to PGCE students
Criteria: Household income between £16,000-£42,875
Value: £500 in year 1. £250 in years 2 and 3.
Access agreement: Yes (subject to agreement)
How to apply: No application is necessary. Income assessment is carried out by Student Finance

Winchester Employability Fund

The Winchester Employability fund has been set up to assist students in genuine need of financial support. Eligible students can apply for a maximum of £300 to recover travel and other project expenses.

We reserve the right to refuse any application and due to limited funds we will decide on a case-by-case basis.

Further details can be obtained from careers@winchester.ac.uk 

Open to: Full-time undergraduate Home or EU students who began studying at the university in 2014, 2015 or 2016 and under the new fee regime with gross fees of £9,000 per year
Criteria: See below
Value: Variable
Access agreement: Yes
Additional information: Up to £300 for volunteering
How to apply: Contact careers@winchester.ac.uk 

Am I eligible?

To be eligible to apply to the fund, you must:

be an undergraduate Home or EU student of the University of Winchester who began studying at the university in or after 2012
have a household income of less than £42,620 (as determined by Student Finance England)
be studying full-time
find the work experience or volunteering yourself and it must not be part of your degree programme (except for the volunteering module, which is eligible) meet the other requirements set out in the Employability Fund Terms and Conditions

About the volunteering or unpaid work experience/internship

The experience must:

  • Give you the opportunity to develop transferable skills, enhance employability or apply learning from your studies
  • Be unpaid
  • Have been found by you and not be part of your degree programme (except for the accredited volunteering module which is eligible)

Please note: we will request a proof of placement from the voluntary organisation or employer.

The fund does not cover:

  • Contributions to fundraising targets to work experience schemes
  • Work that you have already completed
  • Educational or cultural exchange programmes
  • Any work experience or placements that are part of your course (except for the accredited volunteering module)

Highflier Academic Achievement Award

The Highflier Academic Achievement Award, of up to £600, recognises excellent entry qualifications and continuing academic success throughout your degree. To get the Award you will need grades of AAB+ or equivalent on entry. To continue to receive the award beyond the first year of your course, you will need to attain an average mark of at least 70% at the end of each year of study, and be an active member of the Highflier Scholars Scheme each academic year. 

Open to:

Full-time undergraduate UK, EU and Channel Islands students who make the University of Winchester their firm choice institution by the UCAS deadline.


Entry qualifications and course.


£200 p/a subject to academic achievement and active participation in the Winchester Scholars Scheme in 2018

Access agreement: No

How to apply:

No application is necessary, this award will be given once you have enrolled. You will be notified in writing via your University email address after the start of the academic year. You will be given the option to receive their Award as a fee waiver or as a cash bursary. All students should initially apply for the full Tuition Fee Loan from Student Finance unless they wish to self-fund all or part of the course. If you opt for a fee waiver, your Tuition Fee Loan will be adjusted accordingly. If you opt for the Award to be paid as a bursary, it will be paid in February of the academic year.

The full terms and conditions can be seen in our policies and procedures section.

Highflier Scholars Scheme

We are passionate about nurturing and challenging students to become graduates with a love of learning and research who are global citizens, intent on changing the world for the better. Our Highflier Scholars Scheme offers an enhanced and more intensive educational experience to students of proven academic excellence.

You will be given maximum opportunity to enhance your skills in leadership, communication, critical thinking, research, problem-solving and empathising with others. You will be able to enhance your spiritual and cultural literacy, global awareness and your ability to become effective global citizen. As potential leaders, Scholars will have opportunities to practice, reflect upon and gain confidence in their leadership and management skills.

Enhanced Academic Achievement Award - £2000

If you have the required UCAS tariff points and decide to become a member of the Highflier Scholars Scheme, you may also enter a competition to get one of five Enhanced Academic Achievement Awards of £2,000.


The Highflier Scholars Scheme is open to you if you are a full-time UK, EU or Channel Island fee-paying student who achieves 136 UCAS tariff points or above from 3 A-levels or the equivalent qualifications. (The Winchester Scholars Scheme is not currently open to students on the Initial-Teacher-Training Programme or the FdA Childhood Studies programme.)

To continue in the Scheme you will need to achieve an academic average of 70% at the end of each academic year and be an active member of the Scheme.

Music and sports excellence awards

Music excellence award - £500 per year

Students with experience in music-making of any kind are encouraged to apply.

Applications must be made before enrolling on your course. Please read the application form and Terms and Conditions for further information.

Open to: New full-time undergraduate, foundation degree and PGCE students paying the full fee* (5 awards available)
Criteria: Application/Audition
Value: £500 p/a
Access agreement: No 

How to apply:

Download the Music excellence award application form

Terms and conditions can be found in our policies and procedures section.

For more information on Foundation Music please

*PGCE students could receive the figure for the first year. Foundation degree students could receive the figures for the first and second years.

Sports excellence award - £500 per year

All sports are considered for this award. Recipients of the Award will be expected to contribute to a University Sports Team or train, coach and advise University Sports Teams.

Applications must be made before enrolling on your course.

Find out more about the University's Sports Facilities here.

Open to: New full-time UK and EU undergraduate students paying the full tuition fee (5 awards available)
Criteria: Application/Interview
Value: £500 p/a
Access agreement: No

How to apply:

Download the Sports excellence awards application form

Email: helen.thomas@winchester.ac.uk 

Please send your completed application via post to:

Helen Thomas, Sports Facilities and Development Manager
The University of Winchester, Winchester, Hampshire, SO22 4NR

Access bursaries

We have a number of bursaries to help carers and those who are in difficult circumstances to access Higher Education.

King Alfred Scholarship - £6000 bursary 

The financial support for care leavers is in addition to any other bursaries and scholarships for which students may be eligible.

Open to: Full-time undergraduate UK, EU and the Channel Islands students
Criteria: Care leaver status (see additional information below)
Value: £2000 p/a (see additional information below)
Access agreement: Yes
Additional Information: Recipients of the King Alfred Scholarship for care leavers will receive a £75 catering card on arrival for those in University Halls of Residence, as well as a cash bursary of £2,000 per year, plus an additional £1,000 cash bursary on completion of their course in the final year of study.

This scholarship will be awarded to students entering Higher Education at the University who have a former relevant care leaver status, who are under the age of 25 years old and who were ‘looked after' by the local authority for at least 13 weeks since the age of 14, which ended after the age of 16 (as per the Children [Leaving Care] Act 2000).

The King Alfred Scholarship may also be available to students who have been:
Privately fostered up to the age of 16
The subject of a Special Guardianship Order and were ‘looked after’ immediately prior to the making of the order
This will be subject to written confirmation of their status and a letter of support
from their Local Children’s Services Department.

How to apply: Contact studentsandmoney@winchester.ac.uk 

Lady Mary Bursary for Young Adult Carers - £500

This bursary has been introduced in commemoration of Professor Lady Mary Fagan's immense contribution as the first Chancellor of the University. Lady Mary has been unwavering in her support ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to pursue Higher Education at University, regardless of their background.

Who are Young Adult Carers?

Young adult carers are carers between the ages of 18 and 25 who look after a relative or friend, of any age, due to disability, chronic/terminal illness, mental health problem or an alcohol or drug addiction/dependency. They face different issues to other carers and may be looking at moving out of home, going into higher education or juggling working lives with continuing to be a carer.

Open to: Full-time undergraduate UK, EU and Channel Islands students

Criteria: Carer status aged up to and including 25 years old

Value: £500 (£250 each semester)

Access agreement: Yes

Additional information: In the case of those young adult carers who are also Compact applicants, the £500 bursary will be in addition to the £100 Compact bursary.

To apply, please complete the Lady Mary Bursary Application Form .

Helena Kennedy Foundation (HKF) Bursary - £1500

Each year the Helena Kennedy Foundation invites Further Education and Sixth Form Colleges and Adult Education Centres across the UK to nominate up to 5 students for a Helena Kennedy Foundation Award.

Awards Scheme

The awards scheme, which has been running since 1998, is aimed at providing much-needed support to students from the further education sector who have overcome significant obstacles, both financial and personal, to complete their further education. Helena Kennedy Foundation awards are designed to support students in their progression to Higher Education, to improve chances of success in Higher Education and to increase employability when students move from higher education to work.

Application Process

The Helena Kennedy Foundation accepts applications each year from the 1st January to the 31st March. The Foundation only accepts applications from students who are in their final year of further education and intend to progress to higher education in the same year.

The University of Winchester offers 3 badged bursaries each year to students coming to study at the university. The bursary is worth £500 a year for three years of study.

All applications are received and processed by the Helena Kennedy Foundation

Open to: Full-time undergraduate UK, EU and Channel Islands students
Criteria: Application to HKF
Value: £500 p/a
Access agreement: No
How to apply: All applications are received and processed by the Helena Kennedy Foundation

The University of Winchester provides support to students who are seeking asylum or humanitarian protection in the UK

Enterprise support and awards

'Try IT' awards

We have recently teamed up with Student Hubs to provide startup funding opportunities for enterprising students and recent graduates. The funding takes the form of so-called 'Try It' awards.

'Try It' awards offer funding of up to £500 for individuals to try out their business ideas. This might mean finding out if their idea is viable, learning more about what is needed and trying the project on a small scale first. The award provides an opportunity for individuals not yet used to managing large sums of money or planning larger projects to take the first steps towards starting their own project and gaining the skills needed to run it. The funding enables individuals to progress at their own pace with the right support to develop the entrepreneurial skills they will require to, in some cases, take on larger projects.

In previous years, Winchester was able to award external funding to staff, students and recent graduates in the form of start-up awards for (social) enterprise projects, the 'Try It' and 'Do It' Awards. Many of our award holders are inspiring role models for other students, and are also working with the University's Widening Participation team to inspire future students.

Winchester was shortlisted for the ‘University New to Social Enterprise’ award; it was the most successful university in the Southwest in terms of numbers of applications and awards and was used as a national research case study. Find out more and how to apply

Enterprise support

Inspiring Enterprise Project – Targeting the entrepreneurs of tomorrow

The University of Winchester is excited to be working on a new project to help budding entrepreneurs. Inspiring Enterprise has been launched thanks to a significant grant secured from the Big Lottery Fund and European Social Fund (ESF). 

Undergraduate course bursaries and scholarships

2018 Course-specific Scholarships

The University of Winchester is pleased to offer a scholarship of £500 to students on the following new courses for students starting in September 2018:

  • BA (Hons) Anthropology
  • BSc (Hons) Economics
  • BSc (Hons) Economics and Finance
  • BSc (Hons) Mathematics
  • BSc (Hons) Mathematics and Finance
  • BA Music and Sound Production


Terms and Conditions

The scholarships are for the first year of entry only for UK & EU students starting in September and will be paid in full one single instalment in the second semester (February 2019). To be eligible, students need to have applied for and enrolled full-time on one of the courses above in September 2018. Students who transfer onto one of these courses following enrolment in September 2018 will not be eligible for the scholarship.

Students may be eligible for other scholarships and awards, such as the Academic Achievement Award. 




BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy bursary

A £1,000 bursary will be granted to BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy students starting in September 2018 who achieve BBB or equivalent or above.