Childhood and Youth Psychology Research Group

Understanding children’s and adolescents’ social, emotional and cognitive development to improve their wellbeing and attainment.

About us

This Psychology research subgroup aims to understand children’s and adolescents’ social, emotional and cognitive development, with the aim of improving psychological wellbeing, relationships at home and school, and academic achievement.

We conduct research in collaboration with an extensive network of nurseries, primary and secondary schools in the South West of the UK, and with other universities and charities in the UK and overseas, from the Universities of Surrey and Edinburgh to the Universidad de Oviedo (Spain) and Maryland University (U.S.).

We regularly involve undergraduate and postgraduate students in our research as paid or voluntary research assistants.

Selected current research themes

Recent research projects

Homeschooling during Lockdown: investigating the psychological, emotional and learning effects of homeschooling on parents/carers and children during the 2020-21 lockdowns due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and providing practical, evidence-based support.

Emoread Study: Investigating the effect of touch-screen technology on children’s reading comprehension and shared reading experiences

Group members

For more information, contact Dr Amy Warhurst.

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