Engaging Communities Research Centre

A research and knowledge exchange centre working at the interface of social, community, health and occupational psychology.

About us

Formed in 2023, the Engaging Communities Research Centre (ECRC) brings together researchers conducting innovative and world-leading research and knowledge exchange at the interface of social, community, health, and occupational psychology.

Our work seeks to makes a difference to communities and society, by developing psychologically and-community-informed solutions to contemporary social issues, through theoretically informed and methodologically sound innovative social research.

Our aim is to build a research and evidence base that details the ways in which our actions and experiences and our health and wellbeing are not just determined by our individual psychologies but also by the social structures and systems in which we live.
The work of ECRC spans different contexts and communities worldwide, and we have a strong reputation for developing meaningful community involvement and engagement approaches, including amplifying marginalised or silenced voices.

Our work is challenge-led, arising from our strong collaborative partnerships with communities, the voluntary and community sector, health organisations and structures, local government, and other key stakeholders. As a result, our research is informed, owned, and used by our partners, feeding into collaborative research agendas, the development of interventions and solutions, and regional, national, and international policy agendas.

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To find out more about our work and how you can work with us, contact the Convener, Dr Debra Gray, Reader in Psychology

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