1970s Golf Day in Romsey

17 Aug 17
Alumni with golf bags stood on golf course

12 May in a quiet corner of Hampshire, the silence was broken at 0900 by a group of wannabe golfers, taking part in the inaugural King Alfred’s College Golf Day. The brainchild of Peter Lidgitt, it developed via the King Alfred’s College 1970-1978 Facebook group. Teams were created according to year of entry.  There were six teams ranging from 1970 to 1974 with two from 1972. In addition a number of ex-students came along to walk the course and to eat the provided bacon sandwiches.Alumni laughing on golf course

Overall winners were the 1974 entry team- Lyn Stockham, Andy Ife, John Dickens and Gary Steed. Ernest Craske was judged closest to the pin, John Dickens had the longest drive and the Wooden Spoon went to Neale Gordon.

Alumni swinging to hit golf ball

The day was a complete success with over 60 people coming far and wide to see what was going on, including a large Cornish contingent making the round trip. It was the largest group of ex-KAC students in any one place outside Winton Club Reunion, and plans are already in place for next year's challenge. Want to get involved? Contact alumni@winchester.ac.uk

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