A Note of Grad-itude

1 May 19

We asked alumni for a shout-out to the lecturers that made a positive impact during their studies.

Olu Taiwo – Performing Arts

“For breaking all the rules of my classical training in dance and music and helping me to think bigger, wider and more creative thoughts for doing so!” Anneliese Slader

Peter Dixon – Education/Art

“I still have the scrapbooks full of ideas that we made in his lecture. I wonder how many children his art lessons have had an impact on.” Sally-Anne Caunter

Charlie Ryan – Education

“Science extraordinaire - a force of intellect coupled with clarity and childlike curiosity - a potent combination. His views on student wellbeing were ahead of their time.” Dan El

Liz Chamberlain – Education

“An inspiring lady with children and English at the heart of what she does. Very inclusive approach to teaching, which helped me on my journey into Special Education.” Laura Tovey

Ruth Bussey – Special Education

“Tutored me during my Cert Ed in the 70s and then to my delight was my personal tutor in the 80s when I completed my DipSE.” Di Phillips

Dave Pammenter – Drama

“He demonstrated that you could be passionate and intelligent about the way you produce content, I have tried to emulate the way he inspired me in my own teaching ever since.” Allen Stroud

Karl Ellison – Media Production

“Very down to earth, kept it real and wasn’t afraid to tell us if we weren’t doing our best work.” Jess Hallett

Graham Mole – Media Production

“One of the loveliest men and tutors I’ve ever had. Absolute font of knowledge and if you ever needed a contact to film, interview or do media work for, he knew them all.” Jess Hallett

Chris Aldous – History

“He made History fascinating and fun; he opened my eyes and changed how I thought and looked at the world around me. I’m now a history teacher myself, trying to follow in his footsteps.” Jo Rigby

Rob Conkie – Drama

“He was the first lecturer who made you feel you could challenge and have an opinion, and it was ok to speak up for what you believed. You felt on the same level.” Terri Cash

Gerry Meek – Business

“Unconventional in his approach. Made my brain feel alive.” Zoe Ascherl

Stevie Simpkin and Charlotte Purkis - Drama

“Both incredibly supportive and inspiring. Their knowledge and care as lecturers certainly had an impact on me in my career as a Drama and English teacher.” Zoe Cummings

Doug Bowers – Education/PE

“He set a high standard, expected you to be punctual and always looked for the best in all his students. A great mentor and a credit to KAC!” David Hardy

Paul Manning – Media and Film

“He was calm, funny, engaging and very intelligent! We all respected him a lot.” Rebecca Thomas

Dirk Maggs – Audio Drama

“He fully opened my eyes to a new world of recorded media. Really inspirational. If I hadn’t ended up working in education I think I would have liked to have pursued voice acting, and that’s all thanks to Dirk’s enthusiasm for the medium.” Arietta Bryant

David Wilson – Education/Computing

“He made lectures interesting and practicals fun, whilst imparting knowledge. He was an inspiration to me and gave me the courage to branch out into Secondary.” Lesley Renault

Neil Marriott – Business

“Neil was my dissertation mentor. Absolute inspiration! I have never wanted to work so hard at a piece of work before or since.” Emily Charlene

Roger Richardson – History

“Roger was Head of History whilst I was at the college and has proved to be a true friend ever since. What a wonderful person.” Philip Twizell

David Perry – Teaching

“Seriously talented, calm and inspiring Technology lecturer.” Paul Edwards

Ruby Chambers – Education

“Ruby was a child-centred education lecturer who sowed the seed.” John Oakshott

Elwyn Cox – Business/Marketing

“He is a major influence on how I’ve spent the last eight years teaching business studies in schools and colleges. A brilliant, knowledgeable lecturer who always had time for me, however busy.” Dan Cleary

Carey Fleiner – History

“Carey has been an incredible lecturer, supervisor, and support network over my 5 years at @_UoW I can’t thank her and the @uowclassics department enough!!” Jess Nipper

Richard Cole – Education

“Maths clinics with Richard were an absolute highlight! The man is a hero.” Clemmie Stewart

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