Paul Wood: BA (Hons) Journalism 2006-2009 Editor at The Financial Marketeer and Director at Indulge Media

9 Dec 20

“The cool thing about Journalism at Winchester is that it feels alive and you’re all working in the real world, so it doesn’t feel stale. No one was naïve once they left university – we all knew how to interview and how to get information – you just have to find a way in. You are a real journalist and it is a natural way to learn that.“

Paul Wood has gone from starting up the WINOL news website to running his own digital agency and publication. After graduating from Winchester with a BA (Hons) Journalism degree in 2009, Paul worked in marketing for an e-commerce company before eventually launching his own publication, The Financial Marketeer which is aimed at marketers working in financial services.

“After university I immediately started my first job working for an e-commerce company which sold hair products, managing their website. I rapidly moved into marketing thanks to the technical side of journalism. I spoke to a local agency and I got the job through a student recruitment website. In my spare time I was creating work off my own back by building websites for family and friends.

Paul went on to work in search engine optimisation before returning to marketing and starting his own publication. Paul says his journalism skills are directly influencing the way he runs the publication. Through studying Journalism at Winchester, Paul has learnt how to produce content aimed towards a particular audience and stresses that communication skills are important in many roles.

“The work I did on the course is directly affecting the way I am working on my website, The Financial Marketeer. My experience in journalism made sense and there is no other trade publication in this sector. You need to ask what’s going to be of interest to your audience. I am using my degree skills by interviewing people in the financial industry but if you’re in any type of job you’ll need the kind of communication skills I learned on the course.“

Despite graduating eleven years ago, Paul still keeps in contact with his lecturers who have supported him in his ventures over the years. Paul has fond memories of Winchester and says how resourceful it is as a city for journalism students.

“Being at Winchester suited me perfectly, all because of the people and lecturers I met along the way. I still speak to them and email them from time to time. The people you work alongside are unique to Winchester and I just like the place. You are near Southampton which has a vibrant news scene and you’re not a million miles away from London. Also, there is the Crown Court. As a trainee journalist, you will spend a lot of time there. “

Paul has taken part in a multitude of opportunities that have come his way since graduating, including lecturing students on the MA Journalism course at Winchester for two years.  However, Paul still has ambitions for his future including further developments for his business and website.

“I am fully focused on running Indulge Media, further establishing the business as well as The Financial Marketeer, so we become known as a valuable source and potential partner for companies growing in the industry. I’ve been very fortunate to have success despite the pandemic. My personal ambition is to launch new things and new ideas. I’ve always enjoyed the lecturing side of things and other parts to our company, so being involved in lots of different things will keep me going.“

Now that Paul has experience in a range of roles that involve communications skills, he has informed advice for students who are looking to work in both journalism and marketing.

“One thing I’ve learned is you’ve got to go and make things happen. It won’t happen by itself, especially now it’s online. You’ve got to do it all on your own. You’ve also got to be good at getting your work out there yourself rather than wait for somebody to find you. If you are doing the right thing someone will notice. The best students went out using their own initiative and filmed coverage of events.“

“If you want to do something, don’t wait to be told. More often than not, it will get your foot in the door. That’s how I got my first job and I clung on from there. Don’t think of marketing as the dark side – there can be glamour there too!“

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