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Dr Tim Holder is a BPS-chartered, HCPC-registered Sport and Exercise Psychologist and a BASES-accredited Sport and Exercise Scientist. He was appointed as a Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Psychology at the University of Winchester in September 2017.

Tim attained his PhD in Sport Psychology in 1998 and is an applied sport psychology consultant working with performers at elite, sub-elite and recreational levels. He has worked with a range of governing bodies of sport over the last 30 years to assist individuals and teams in performing to their potential and has attended numerous major championships including two Olympic Games.

Tim has always combined applied consultancy activity with full-time academic roles in universities; he has worked at University of Chichester, Canterbury Christ Church University, St. Mary’s University and University of Central Lancashire in a variety of academic positions teaching on Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes in Sport and Exercise Science and Sport and Exercise Psychology.  

Tim is Programme Leader for the MSc in Applied Sport and Exercise Psychology, which is approved by the British Psychological Society.

Areas of expertise

Sport and Exercise Psychology


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