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  • MSc US Politics and Contemporary History (Merit)University of London (2008)
  • PhD Populism in the White Southern Democratic Party with Reference to Alabama and Mississippi University of Southampton (2001)
  • MA United States Studies (Merit) University of London (1990)
  • PGCEHistory with English (Pass) University of Newcastle upon Tyne (1989)
  • BA Hons American History and Politics (2:1) University of East Anglia, Norwich (1988)


  • Jane's Sentinel, US Security Assessments chapters in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008 editions.
  • Foreign Report 'CAFTA Spells Free Trade Clash,' 'US Republicans Look Beyond Bush,' 'Hurricane Katrina's Economic Effect,' 'Heightened Tensions on US-Mexico Border (2005), 'Bush Starts to Quack' (2006), 'Fighting talk from US presidential hopefuls,' 'US Republicans Talking About Their Generation' (2007), 'Prospects For Foreign Policy Under President Obama,' (2008)
  • Islamic Affairs Analyst, 'Islam Suffers From Worsening Image Crisis in US,' 'Conceiving Islamo-fascism' (2006)


  • Panel discussion on Radio Voice of Russia on 23 October 2014, on the topic of US-Russia relations.
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