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Andy Stevens is Senior Lecturer in Sport Management. Previously, he was a consultant to the Football Association and delivered a number of projects, specialising in five-a-side football and futsal. He devised the development strategy that led to the launch of the FA Futsal League and the FA's facility strategy for futsal. Other projects include creating and administering the FA Small Sided Football Award accreditation scheme, conducting an annual audit of the FA's affiliation data, and producing an operations manual for County FAs.

He is author of a series of sports management reports published by the SportBusiness Group and was a correspondent for Sport Business magazine, where he specialised in sport venue and event management. He previously authored leisure market analysis reports for Mintel.

Andy was part of the Anschutz Entertainment Group (now ASM Global), where he helped launch a professional ice hockey franchise and the Masters Football indoor soccer league, and was a member of the marketing and events team at Disability Sport England (now Activity Alliance), which delivered a calendar of national and international events, including the London Wheelchair Marathon.


Academic articles

  • Stevens, A. (2022) John Blundell's cricket blueprint revisited. Economic Affairs. 42(1), pp. 144-160.
  • Stevens, A. and Watkins-Mathys, L. (2006) The FA's role in developing five-a-side football: Strategic alliances with stakeholders. Managing Leisure. 11 (3), pp. 186-202.

Book chapters

  • Parry, K., George, E.S., Richards, J. and Stevens, A. (2019) 'Watching Football as Medicine: Promoting health at the football stadium', in Krustrup, P. and Parnell, D. (eds.) Football as Medicine: Prescribing Football for Global Health Promotion. Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge, pp. 183-200.

Industry reports

  • Stevens, A. (2009) Stadia and Arenas: Advanced Commercial Strategies. London: SportBusiness Group.
  • Stevens, A. (2008) Sustainable Sport. London: SportBusiness Group.
  • Stevens, A. (2007) Sport Security and Safety: Evolving Strategies for a Changing World. London: SportBusiness Group.
  • Stevens, A. (2007) Maximising Revenue from Ticketing and CRM. London: SportBusiness Group.
  • Stevens, A. (2006) Maximising Value from Venues. London: SportBusiness Group.
  • Stevens, A. (2006) Stadia and Arenas: Maximising Value from Venues. London: SportBusiness Group.

Industry articles

  • Stevens, A. (2010) Flexibility = Success. SportBusiness International. 158, pp. 36-42.
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Conference presentations

  • Stevens, A. (2015) 'The use of global sport events as a soft power resource.' Play The Game 2015. Aarhus, Denmark, 28 October.
  • Stevens, A. (2014) 'A contingent resource-based theory of professional sport club strategy.' North American Society for Sport Management 2014. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 30 May.
  • Stevens, A. (2007) 'The governance of five-a-side football and futsal.' Play The Game 2007. Reykjavik, Iceland, 28 October.
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