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Jason is a Senior Lecturer in the Sociology of Sport with over 20 years of undergraduate teaching experience. Jason joined (what is now) the University of Winchester in September 1996. In August 2014 he stepped down from his role of Head of Department of Sports Studies after nearly 10 years of service where he played a key role in the planning and development of the academic study of sport at Winchester. He is currently the Student Experience Lead for the BSc (Hons) Sport Management programme.

Jason has a BSc (Hons) in Geography and Sports Studies (Roehampton Institute) and an MA in the Sociology of Sport (Leicester University) that was passed with Distinction. Jason completed his PhD in the Sociology of Sport at Loughborough University (with a thesis on rugby union and national identity in the British Isles) in 1999.

Findings from his doctoral research have been presented at a variety of international conferences. In addition, Jason’s research has been published in a variety of peer-reviewed academic journals and books. His main publications are listed below.

Jason has worked as a reviewer for the journals International Review for the Sociology of Sport and Sport in Society and a consultant for the publishers Butterworth-Heinemann/Elsevier and Pearson Education. He has also contributed to media commentary on sport and society in interviews with the BBC and in online news outlets such as The Conversation.

Higher Education Teaching Qualification

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA)

Areas of expertise

  • Sociology of Sport
  • History of Sport
  • Qualitative Research Methods in Sport
  • Media Analysis and Semiotics


Book chapters

  • 2011. ‘Tries for the Nation? International Rugby Players’ Perspectives on National Identity.’ In Sport and Migration by J. Maguire and M. Falcous (eds.). London: Routledge.
  • 2005. ‘A World in Union? Rugby, Globalisation, and Irish Identity.’ With J. Maguire in Power and Global Sport by J. Maguire (ed.). London: Routledge, 109-129.
  • 2005. ‘Rugby Union and National Identity Politics.’ In Sport and the Irish by A. Bairner (ed.) Dublin: University College Dublin Press, 105-122.
  • 1998. ‘Global Sports and Patriot Games: Rugby Union and National Identity in a United Sporting Kingdom.’ With J. Maguire in Sporting Nationalisms: Identity, Ethnicity, Immigration and Assimilation by M. Cronin and D. Mayall (eds.) London: Frank Cass, 103-126.

Refereed articles

  • With J. Maguire. 2005. ‘National Identity, Rugby Union and Notions of Ireland and the Irish.’ Irish Journal of Sociology, 14 (1), 86-109.
  • 2003. ‘Making Sense of Emerald Commotion: Rugby Union, National Identity and Ireland.’ Identities: Global Studies in Power and Culture, 10 (4), 495-515.
  • 2003. ‘The Men in White: Reflections on Rugby Union, the Media and Englishness.’ International Review for the Sociology of Sport, 38 (2), 177-199.
  • With J. Maguire. 1999. ‘Making Sense of Global Patriot Games: Rugby Players' Perceptions of National Identity Politics.’ Football Studies, 2 (1), 26-54.
  • With J. Maguire. 1998. ‘Global Sports and Patriot Games: Rugby Union and National Identity in a United Sporting Kingdom.’ Immigrants and Minorities, 17 (1), 103-126.
  • 1996. ‘Patriots, Barbarians, Gentlemen and Players: Rugby Union and National Identity in Britain since 1945.’ Journal of the Association of Sports Historians, 2, 25-37.
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