Black History Month 2021 The Inside Out Podcast: Microaggressions

15 Oct 2021

Welcome to the second episode in The Inside Out mini series of podcasts and videos, which explores the subject of microaggressions. 

Microaggressions consist of comments or actions that subtly and often unconsciously or unintentionally expresses a prejudiced attitude toward a member of a marginalised group or minority group.

BAME Ambassadors Alisha and Shelina discuss the issue with Winchester students Alysha and Beth to understand the importance of a culture that values diversity and inclusion, the challenges microaggressions play in day-to-day life and what we can all do about them.

The Inside Out brings together student voices for open and honest conversations about race and diversity, seen from their perspective.

This mini series is one of the many ways the University of Winchester is marking Black History Month 2021 this October. The theme of Black History Month is 'Proud To Be' and we are proud to celebrate and honour our Black students, staff members, alumni and partners.

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