Never Mind the... other podcasts, here's 'Mind The Cakes'

23 Feb 2018

Glenn Fosbraey, Senior Lecturer in the University's Department of English, Creative Writing and American Studies, relates how the new podcast from Creative Writing at Winchester got its quirky name and explores the world of creative writing through a unique fusion of entertainment and education.    

In AD 878, with The Vikings rampaging through England, King Alfred was forced into hiding and sought shelter in the humble dwellings of an old lady's cottage.

Not realising who she had under her roof, the old lady tasked Alfred to 'mind the cakes' cooking beside the fire as she went about her chores. But Alfred was so distracted by thoughts of his kingdom and his fate that the cakes burnt, and he was chastised by the old lady (still none the wiser about Alfred's identity upon her return).

Despite it now being debunked as pure fiction, this story was enough to inspire the title of Creative Writing @ Winchester's podcast 'Mind The Cakes', meaning it's probably the only time that burnt cakes could be seen as a good thing.

Launched in December 2017 (listen to episode 1 here), and now with the release of its second episode (listen here) 'Mind the Cakes' continues its unique fusion of entertainment and education.

The latest instalment features interviews with Mary Chamberlain on traditional publishing and the art of books, Professor Neil McCaw on how to read as a writer, tips from PR manager Philip Tutt on how to pursue a career in public relations, and original poetry from third-year student Sophie Edwards.

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Listen to 'Mind The Cakes' on iTunes here.

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