University named as U.N. champion for sustainable business education

4 Apr 2024

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The University of Winchester has been named as one of just nine UK universities to take part in a UN-backed programme to raise the profile of sustainability in business and management education.

After a review of all applications for the upcoming two-year cycle of Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) Champions, Winchester has been selected to participate in the 2024-2025 programme.

Across the globe just 47 institutions have been accepted for the next two-year cycle.

Dr Rick Boidurjo Mukhopadhyay, PRME Champion at the Winchester Business School, said that to be included in the list of fewer than 50 from around the world and “recognised for our track record of impactful contributions in thought and action leadership is an honour.”

The University was an early adopter in 2008 (13th in the UK) of PRME and in 2016/17, Winchester became a Global PRME Champion.

Winchester’s teaching programmes emphasises authentic leadership, long-term value creation, innovation and change, employee well-being, sustainability, ethics and social responsibility.

Rick Boidurjo said: "As an institution that has been at the forefront of the UN PRME initiative since 2008, we continue our work as a thought and action leader in the global responsible management education community.

 “I hope to elevate our school's standing, positioning it as a sought-after 'think tank' and a visible ambassador for the PRME community.”

“My vision includes forging new international partnerships and expanding our network, while intensifying collaborations with local environmentally conscious businesses. This approach emphasises a spirit of collaboration and co-operation, working collectively towards the common good.”

He said Winchester is committed to the refreshed Seven PRME Principles integrating Sustainable Development Goals across curriculum, research, and partnerships.

"Over the past year, I have initiated several impactful projects that align seamlessly with our institutional strategic objectives, amplifying the development and implementation of responsible management practices and education,” added Rick.

“Our commitment as a Champion for 2024/25 extends to fostering collaboration with universities, local responsible businesses, the UNGC, international PRME chapters, and encouraging heightened student involvement in strategic projects related to sustainable development goals.”

Among its initiatives as a PRME champion, the University of Winchester Business School also offers:

Last July the University hosted its first PRME symposium. Find out more at 

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