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Sue Anderson-Faithful is Senior Lecturer in Education Studies. She obtained her PhD from the University of Winchester in 2014, her thesis was titled: Mary Sumner: Religion, Mission, Education and Womanhood (1876-1921). The research explored the history of womens educational opportunities, gendered notions of womanhood informed by religion and womens activism realised through philanthropy in the late nineteenth century.

She is a member of the Centre for the History of Women's Education and the author/leader of the Winchester Womens History walk.

Areas of expertise

  • Pedagogy of history for application in the Primary School curriculum
  • Female religious philanthropists in Winchester


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  • Anderson-Faithful, S. (2012), A 'Mission to Civilise: The Popular Educational Vision of the Anglican Mothers Union and Girls Friendly Society 1886-1926, Revista Brasileira de Histria da Educao 11, No. 1 (28), pp. 15-43.


  • Anderson-Faithful, S. (2008), Let the aged women likewise Constructions of maternal authority and matronly identities in the life and writing of Mary Sumner, Foundress of the Anglican Mothers Union (1828-1921). Paper presented at Womens History Network, Glasgow, 2008.
  • Anderson-Faithful, S. (2009), A Mission to Civilise: The Popular Educational Vision of the Anglican Mothers Union and Girls Friendly Society 1886-1926. Paper presented at ISCHE, Utrecht, 2009.
  • Anderson-Faithful, S. (2010), Private Virtues and Public Capital: Mary Sumner and Constructions of Identity. Paper presented at Womens History Network Conference, Warwick.
  • Anderson-Faithful, S. (2012), Mary Sumner: A Popular Religious Educator. Paper presented at the History of Education Society, Winchester.
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