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Sue Anderson-Faithful is Senior Lecturer in Education Studies. She teaches history and the pedagogy of history . Her research interests are in Anglicanism, the history of women’s educational opportunities, gendered notions of womanhood informed by religion and women’s activism realised through philanthropy in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. She is the joint editor of History of Education Researcher and The Sybil Campbell Collection Newsletter. A member of the Centre for the History of Women's Education  she shares her knowledge of local history as the guide and author of the Winchester Women’s History walk.http://www.sueanderson-faithful.uk/


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  • Anderson-Faithful, S. (2012), A 'Mission to Civilise’: The Popular Educational Vision of the Anglican Mothers’ Union and Girls Friendly Society 1886-1926, Revista Brasileira de História da Educação 11, No. 1 (28), pp. 15-43.


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