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Prof. Robin Baker is Emeritus Professor of Old Testament and Ancient Near Eastern Studies. He took his BA at the University of London and his PhD at the University of East Anglia. He has also studied at Stanford University. He is a Fellow of University College London and a Senior Visiting Fellow of the Institute of Balkan Studies in Thessaloniki, Greece.



Robin's latest monograph, Hollow Men, Strange Women: Riddles, Codes and Otherness in the Book of Judges  was published by Brill in 2016 in the Biblical Interpretation Series. In this book, Robin examines the use of riddle and parable to convey esoteric meanings in Judges and how Judges explores the question of otherness. Find out more about Hollow Men, Strange Women.

He collaborated with Professor Simo Parpola of the University of Helsinki on Professor Parpola's two-volume Etymological Dictionary of the Sumerian Language, published by Eisenbrauns in 2016.

He wrote the introductory essay to Aris Georgiou, Meta to parapetasma: Rosia '98 (English translation: Uncurtained: Russia '98) (Thessaloniki: MIET, 2019). His essay is entitled '1998, and why Russians dislike redheads'.

As well as writing further papers on the Hebrew Bible, Robin is preparing a monograph on Christ, kingship and the legacy of Mesopotamia in the New Testament.

Other recent publications

  • (2016) The Book of Judges: a spiritual history? The Bible and Interpretation (online article; read it here).


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