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Richard Cheetham MBE is Senior Fellow in Sports Coaching. He has worked at the University of Winchester since 2005, following three years spent teaching and coaching in New Zealand.

His research focus centres on a more holistic approach to coaching with time spent since 2013 at Saracens RFC within the Academy programme and more recently at Fulham Football Club. Richard also has developed a strong reputation on creative thinking and innovation within coach education and development. Alongside publications he has also presented his applied research at the UK Coaching Summit, Project500 coaching initiative, Nottinghamshire Talented Coaches Programme and the English Institute of Sport.

He has gained recognition nationally and internationally within coach education and has been an invited speaker for British Cycling, Cycling Ireland, England Handball and the England Cricket Coaches Association. Since May 2014 he has worked with the UCI World Cycling Elite Coach Education Programme in Switzerland.

In addition, a key focus of his work is establishing links with local and national sports organisations to strengthen the degree programme and therefore enhance student employability through providing opportunities for volunteering, mentoring and community coaching placements. As a result of this he received the 2014 Vice Chancellors award for Community Engagement in recognition of this work.

In 2010 Richard completed the Atacama Desert Ultra-marathon and he regularly competes in other endurance races such as Ironman and the UK coast to coast challenges. Richard is an experienced Rugby Union Coach Educator for London South region and Hampshire RFU as well as a Tutor for SCUK on the Talent Foundation Series.

Areas of expertise

  • Coach Education
  • Sport Development


Chapters in books

  • ‘Teaching Styles’ in Critchell, M. (2013) Play to learn and learn to play. A fresh approach to coaching young players. Reedswain. Spring City US.
  • Cheetham, R.J. (2015) New hips, new knees and new hearts: The wider impact of a community led Walking Football initiative. Journal of Sport for Development.
  • Cotterill, S. & Cheetham, R.J. (2015) The Experience of Captaincy in Professional Sport: The case of elite professional rugby. European Journal of Sport Science.

Journal articles

  • Cheetham, R.J. (2015) Shaping a contemporary Undergraduate Employability Programme in Sport: influences, design and impact. Educational Developments. 16 (2) 22-25.
  • Cheetham, R.J. (2014) Thinking Differently. Hitting the Seam. ECB Coaches Association. Issue 31. p 4-5
  • Cheetham, R.J (2014) The coached experience: stories and recollections beyond winning and losing. Leisure Review April 2014
  • Cheetham, R. (2014) The Personal Journey': A study of the individual race stories of Desert Marathon Runners. The Sport Journal.
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  • Cheetham, R. (2011) Promotion of volunteering among sport graduates as an integral part of ‘active learning’ and contribution to sport and sports development. LSA Newsletter. 38-40
  • Cheetham, R. (2009) Pedal Power - Volunteering as active learning. Capture. 79-80
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  • Jones, R. & Cheetham, R.J (2001) Physical Education in the National Curriculum: Its purpose and meaning for final year secondary school students. European Journal of Physical Education. 6(2) 81-100

Recent conferences

  • Rugby Canada: Inaugural Conference. Developing and Enhancing the Coaching Environment. Toronto 30/31 January 2016
  • ECIS: Flourishing Schools Conference. Understanding and Applying the Concept of ‘Grit’ in an Educational Setting. TASIS Egham 22 January 2016 Egham
  • Netball South ‘I am the coach’ Conference. Creativity and Innovation in Coaching. Surrey Sports Park, 18 July 2015.
  • Hampshire Rugby Football Union Annual Coaching Conference. Southampton. Fundamental Movement Skills, 12 July 2015.
  • England Handball Coaching Conference. The Creative Coach. Leicester, 20 June 2015.
  • UK Coaching Summit, Sports Coach UK, Vale Resort, Cardiff. Improving Creativity in the Coaching Environment, 2 June 2015
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