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Tim Hall is Professor of Interdisciplinary Social Studies. He is a social scientist with interests in urban studies and globalisation, and teaches on globalisation, urban and rural settlements and global crime.

His most recent and ongoing research looks at the significance of criminal organisations in the contemporary global economy. He has published extensively in these fields and presented the results of his research at a number of international conferences.

Tim has also been involved in applied research and consultancy for clients including the DfEE, Higher Education Funding Council for England, the Countryside Agency, the European Union, Gloucestershire Environmental Trust, Public Art South West, Freeform Arts Trust, the Economic and Social Research Council, Gloucester City Council, Gloucestershire County Council, Gloucestershire NHS Trust, Hastings and Rother NHS Trust, Child Support Agency, Cheltenham Town Football Club and Cheltenham and Gloucester PLC.

Until August 2018 he was Head of the Department of applied Social Sciences (now Applied Criminology and Forensic Studies).

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Journal articles

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Book chapters

  • Hall, T. and Hubbard, P. (2013) ‘”Birmingham needs you / you need Birmingham”: cities as actors, actors in cities’, in Conzen, M. and Larkham, P. (eds) Shapers of Urban Form, Abingdon: Routledge
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