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Dr Martina Hutton BSc (Mgmt), MA, PhD is Senior Lecturer in Marketing and the Faculty Postgraduate Studies Coordinator. She currently teaches Consumer Culture & Communication, Understanding Markets, Global Marketing and Marketing Management, and has over a decade of teaching experience in higher education. She has previously held marketing management positions in the Healthcare, Soft Drinks and Telecommunications industries and from 2008 to 2010, was a Research Scholar for the Irish Research Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences.

Areas of expertise

Specific areas of theoretical expertise/interest are; consumer behaviour, consumer culture theory, social consequences of marketing, and the emerging praxis of transformative consumer research which aims to publicise research that benefits consumer welfare and policy making. Methodologically, her expertise and interests are in Qualitative PEFT methodologies (Participatory, Emancipatory, Feminist, Transformative) and from a learning and teaching perspective, she is interested in the issue of poverty as a challenge to management education.


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  • ​​Track Participant: 5th International Transformative Consumer Research Conference, Crimes of Commission & Omission Track, University of Villanova, Philadelphia, May 2015.
  • “Exploring the Intersection of Female Poverty and Consumption-related Strain” 12th ACR Gender, Marketing and Consumer Behaviour Conference, Aalto University Business School, Helsinki, June 2014.
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  • "The Role of Participatory Action Research in Understanding Low-income Women”, UCD College of Human Sciences, Egalitarian Worldwide Initiative, (EU Marie Curie Transfer of Knowledge Programme), April 2007.
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