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Dr Rachel Locke is Senior Research Officer in the University's Health and Wellbeing Research Group. She is a social scientist with first, Master's and Doctorate degrees from Sheffield Hallam, York and Newcastle Universities. She is an experienced researcher and evaluator who designs research, carries out fieldwork and data analysis, successfully bids for external funding and lead on teams of research.

She is a member of the Medical Education Research Centre and works with a network of commissioners in medical education. She mentors researchers external to the University who are engaged with data analysis and dissemination.  

She is an external research associate for the General Medical Council and on the editorial board as an associate editor for The Clinical Teacher.

Dr Locke is a tutor on the MA Medical Education and Postgraduate Certificate courses (for medical appraisers, hospital educators and GP trainers). She has been teaching at the University of Winchester on the MA Education course since 2012 and leads on the MA dissertation module. She supervises MA dissertation and doctoral students (including to past the post).

Higher Education Teaching Qualification: Higher Education Academy Fellowship (FHEA)

Areas of expertise

  •  Workforce wellbeing
  •  Reflective practice
  •  Health and medical education
  •  Professional education and practice
  •  Continuing professional development
  •  Practitioner research
  •  Qualitative research methodologies​




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Chapters in edited books

  • Sausman C, and Locke R, (2007) The Changing role of the British Senior Civil Service: Challenge and Reform, in: Page E C; Wright V (eds) From the Active to the Enabling State: the changing role of top officials in European Nations. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

Journal articles

  • Locke, R. & Lees, A. (2017) Maintaining the wellbeing of clinicians, The Clinical Teacher 14(2):147-148.
  • Price, S., Lusnat, R., Mann, R., and Locke, Rl. (2017) Doctors with Asperger's: the impact of a diagnosis.  The Clinical Teacher. doi: 10.1111/tct.12743.
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  • Lyon-Maris, J., Edwards, L., Scallan, S. and Locke, R. (2015) GP Workload: Time for a rethink of the generalist model of care to promote retention to the workforce? British Journal of General Practice DOI: 10.3399/bjgp15X687145.
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  • Weiss M, Locke R and Graham A (2007) ‘Users’ views of new providers of emergency contraception: A qualitative study’ Primary Health Care Primary Health Care Research & Development 8.


Recent conferences

  • Locke, R, Lees A and Scallan S.  Prevention of Harmful Stress Amongst Doctors.  DEMEC Conference,  27-28 November 2017, Manchester. Poster prize Winner.  Category CPD.   
  • Locke R, Scallan S, Ozguler B and Caesar S, The learning trajectory of medical appraisers: Community of practice and professional identiy in medical appraisal, Paper presentation, BERA Conference, 13- 15 September 2016, University of Leeds
  • Locke R. Lees, A and Scallan. S: Prevention of harmful stress amongst doctors, Poster presentation, RCGP Conference, 6-8 October, 2016 Harrogate.
  • Locke R, Scallan S, Ozguler B and Caesar S, Community of practice and professional identity in medical appraisal, Poster presentation, RCGP Conference, 6-8 October, 2016 Harrogate.
  • Locke R, Scallan. S, Mann R, Alexander, G and Kibble, S. Effective strategies used by doctors with dyslexia in the workplace, Poster presentation, RCGP Conference, 6-8 October, 2016 Harrogate
  • Masding M, Odbert R, Locke R, Scallan S and Lees A (2015) Tasters in general practice: GP ST3 trainees mentoring FY1s, NACT UK Foundation Programme Sharing Good Practice Event (March)
  • Locke R, Scallan S, Mann R and Alexander G (2014) Doctors with dyslexia: a systematic review of effective workarounds, Centre for Hampshire Collaboration for Health Research and Education launch event (September), the University of Winchester, and RCGP Annual Conference (October)
  • Mountfield J, Donovan L, Ball K, Locke R and Scallan S (2014) Recognising and reducing stress in the transition from medical student to foundation trainee, Centre for Hampshire Collaboration for Health Research and Education launch event (September), the University of Winchester, and BMA International Conference on Physician Health, Milestones and Transitions (September) and RCGP Annual Conference (October)
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