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I am a Senior Lecturer in Applied Archaeological Techniques. As an undergraduate I studied at Winchester; having spent time working for both English Heritage and Clywd Powys Archaeological Trust, I returned to the University in 1997. I was a research student in the Archaeology Department between 1997 and 2005, during which time I helped to start a new Archaeological Consultancy called Context One Archaeological Services (COAS) with two colleagues (Richard McConnell, now COAS and Kerry Ely, now Time Team).

Also in 1997 I began a major research project for English Heritage based at the University, to create a National Database of Medieval Pottery Production Centres in England (2003). This work formed the basis of my PhD research titled Medieval Pottery Production Centres in England AD 850 - 1600 (2006).

In 2004, I was actively involved in setting up Archaeology's consultancy arm (ARCA), headed up by Dr Keith Wilkinson. I now carry out a range of consultancy work and combine this with the teaching of archaeological techniques within the undergraduate BA Archaeology and BA Archaeological Practice degree programmes.

I was Co-Director (with Dr Simon Roffey) of the Department’s recent training excavation at the medieval hospital of St Mary Magdalen, Winchester (MHARP) and I am the lead investigator for Winchester in the international collaborative project The Final Flight of Halifax LV881.

Higher Education Teaching Qualification: Higher Education Academy Fellowship (FHEA).

Areas of expertise

  • Archaeological excavation techniques
  • Total station and GPS survey
  • Geophysical survey
  • Medieval ceramics
  • WWII archaeology


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Consultancy reports

  • Marter, P., 2008. An archaeological watching brief and geophysical surveys at Old Alresford House, Alresford, Hampshire. ARCA report, University of Winchester, June 2008.
  • Marter, P., 2008. A geophysical survey and watching brief at Bar End, Winchester. ARCA report, University of Winchester, January 2008.
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  • Marter, P., 2006. An Archaeological Watching Brief at Northington Grange, Hampshire. Report for Grange Park Opera.
  • Marter, P., 2006. An Archaeological Watching Brief at Stoke Hill Farm, Hampshire. Report for R.J. Smith and Co.
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