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Amanda has worked in the field of early childhood education for many years and has a wide range of experiences caring for children, teacher training and play therapy roles. She currently leads several modules within Childhood Studies programmes at the University of Winchester and is currently Programme lead for BA Childhood Studies. Prior to this she was part of the Early Childhood Programme team at a London university, teaching a range of professional and learning related modules. She has also played a key role, leading further and higher education programmes in Psychology, Health and Early Years (FDeg and Top up) within several further education (FE) colleges. Amanda has opened and managed a successful day care nursery, catering for children from birth to four years old. During her appointment at the nursery she led a small team of staff through curriculum delivery and several OFSTED inspections. She also specialised in play therapy and taught English as a second language. Her subject specialism is early years, child psychology, quality and emotional care pedagogies.


Peer Reviewed papers

Norman, A (2020) The Womens Guild and Maternal letters. Victorian Journal. In Progress

Norman, A (2020) Symbolic Gestures and Froebel. Care and Development. Submitted

Norman, A and Byrne, J. (2019) Symbolic Gesturing and Emotions. Care and Development in early years Journal. Published

Byrne, J and Norman, A. (2019) Symbolic Gesturing as a transformative approach to professional development. Teacher Education Journal. Published

Norman, A. (2011) The boy on the beach: building community through play, Cambridge Journal of Education, 41:2, 241-242, DOI: 10.1080/0305764X.2011.575279


Published Book and Chapters

Norman, A (2019) Historical perspectives and Contemporary Practices in infant Care. London. Bloomsbury. Contract Successful

Norman, A (2019) Symbolic Gesturing. A Case Study. Palgrave McMillan. Submitted.

Norman, A (2019) From Conception to Two: Development, Policy and Practice. London. Routledge. Published

Norman, A (2019) Obituaries and life writing. Chapter. in New and Experimental ways of writing lives. London. Palgrave McMillan. Published

Published in Practitioner magazines

Norman, A (2019) What a Feeling! Early Years Educator

Norman, A (2019) Creating Calmscapes through Classical Music. Early Years Educator

Norman, A (2017) Taking a Risk with Froebel. Early Years Educator

Norman, A (2016) Observing infants. Early Years Educator

Norman, A (2015) Baby Signing. Early Years Educator

Norman, A (2015) Camcorder and observations. Early Years Educator

Norman, A (2015) Froebel and Finger Rhymes. Early Years Educator

Norman, A (2014) Heuristic Play. Early Years Educator


Amanda is a member of the All Parliamentary Party Group (APPG) Fit and Healthy Childhood and has contributed to several reports, including;


Well being and Nurture:Physical and Emotional security in Childhood (2020)

Mental Health in Childhood 2018

Mental Health; Interventions, Strategies and Support 2019

Mental Health and Movement 2019


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