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Barbara is Research Advisor and Collaborative Research Fellow in the Hampshire Collaboration for Health Research and Education, part of the University's Health and Wellbeing Research Group. Barbara, who holds an MSc in Public Health Nutrition, is Senior Research Dietician in the Breast Unit and Research Advisor in the Research Department at Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

A Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Winchester since 2013, she worked initially with the Faculty of Education, Health and Social Care, which originally hosted the Hampshire Collaboration for Health Research and Education.

She co-authored the document Towards collaborative health research: a collaborative mapping report with Dr Rachel Locke, which informed the establishment of the Hampshire Collaboration for Health Research and Education (HCHRE) in Sept 2014.

She was Nutrition Consultant for Chemo Cookery Club, a recipe book “to make food special” for patients undergoing chemotherapy, their friends and family, aiming to enhance food enjoyment and help people to have confidence that the foods they eat can enhance their nutritional intake.

Barbara has also worked in health promotion and public health. She supports all elements of collaborative research and education activity under the HCHRE.

Areas of expertise

  • Nutrition and dietetics, including nutrition research methods
  • Dietary assessment methods
  • Facilitation and enablement in research
  • Multi-disciplinary and multi-agency working


Books and book chapters

  • Ericson P and Parry B, Chemo Cookery Club: Cups and Sauces (in press, 2017)
    Journal articles and conference proceedings.
  • Ericson P, Parry B. and Firullo S, Chemo Cookery Club: Around the Kitchen Table. Published for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, October 2013, printing sponsored by Eisai Ltd, and translated into other European languages and distributed free to women and their families following a breast cancer diagnosis.
  • Parry B, Chapter 17: 'Nutrition and Breast Cancer' in Shaw C (ed.) Nutrition and Cancer (2011), Wiley-Blackwell.
  • Elliott L and Parry B, Chapter 18: 'Counselling by dietitians', in: Del Fabbro E, Baracos V, Demark-Wahnefried W, Bowling T, Hopkinson J and Bruera E (eds) Nutrition and the Cancer Patient (2010), Oxford University Press.


  • Parry B.M., Brown J.E., S.M. Horton, J.M. Stilwell, D.B. Clarke, J.M. Lawrence, M. Raats, L. Storey and R.M. Rainsbury. (2007) Investigation of the phytoestrogen intake of group of postmenopausal women previously treated for breast cancer. Food Standards Agency Commissioned Research Meeting, Slaley Hall, Hexham, UK.
  • Parry B.M., Lawrence J.M., Storey L., Brown J.E., Clarke D.B., Raats M., Horton S.M., Stilwell J.M., and Rainsbury R.M. (2008) Food choice and phytoestrogen consumption in women previously treated for post-menopausal breast cancer. Breast Cancer Research 2008, The Royal Society, London, UK.

Journal articles

  • Syed Alwi S.S., Cavell B.E., Telang U., Morris M.E., Parry B.M. and Packham G (2010) In vivo modulation of 4E binding protein 1 (4E-BP1) phosphorylation by watercress: a pilot study. Br J Nutr. 104: 1288-96.
  • Parry B.M., Milne J.M., Yadegarfar G and Rainsbury R.M. (2011) Dramatic dietary fat reduction is feasible for breast cancer patients: results of the randomised study, WINS(UK) – stage 1. Eur J Surg Oncol 37(10): 848-55.
  • Clarke D.B., Lloyd A.S., Lawrence J.M., Brown J.E., Storey L., Raats M., Rainsbury R.M., Culliford D.J., Bailey-Horne V.A. and Parry B.M. (2013) Development of a food compositional database for the estimation of dietary intake of phytoestrogens in a group of postmenopausal women previously treated for breast cancer and validation with urinary excretion. Br J Nutr 109(12): 2261-68.
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