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Keith D. Parry is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Winchester and an Associate Fellow of Western Sydney University.  His research interests are based on the sociology of sport, with a focus on sports fandom, health and the spectator experience.  His research has made use of innovative methodologies, such as Autoethnography, to provide a greater understanding of sports fans.  He has collaborated with international colleagues to publish studies on international sports fandom and he has co-edited a book examining the relationship between football codes and community.  He has recently published a series of interactive iBooks on the subject of Sport Entertainment while his knowledge and expertise have also been recognised with invitations to write for websites such as The Conversation and The Allrounder, allowing him to disseminate his knowledge to a wide audience. He is an award-winning writer, receiving a UN Day Media Award for a co-authored media piece: Pushing casual sport to the margins threatens cities’ social cohesion.

 Keith’s PhD examined the formation of sports heroes within the setting of a new professional sports team (the GWS GIANTS), it investigated when and how heroes are formed, and who (or what) dictates their emergence.  His research has examined issues around identity, masculinity, and the conflicts between country and culture in Australia.  This research has provided him with a deep insight into both the sociology of sport (and sports fans) and national identity.   

Keith is passionate about teaching and has developed a number of blended learning strategies, often making use of innovative technology, to enhance his teaching.  He is making particular use of Twitter within his teaching to engage students inside and outside of the classroom.  You can follow Keith on Twitter at @sportinaus.  His initiatives have included a mock press conference held with the GWS GIANTS club and the creation of an iTunes U course.  Keith’s creative, enthusiastic, innovative and dynamic teaching approach has been recognised for positively motivating and engaging students.  In 2014, he won a prestigious Western Sydney Univeristy Learning and Teaching Award in recognition of this approach. In 2008, he also received the Bournemouth University Award for 'Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning'

Keith actively engages with a variety of community partners.  These partnerships allow Keith to engage in research consultancy and to provide engaged learning opportunities for students.  For instance, he recently ran a mock press conference with students and coaches as the GWS GIANTS club, allowing students to apply academic theory in a real-life setting.  Keith's links with industry have allowed students to work with partners such as the Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs, Vanuatu Rugby League, and the Steve Waugh Foundation. 

Areas of expertise

Sociology of Sport

Sport fandom

Sport and gender

Sport and the media

Sports heroes


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