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I am a Reader in Medieval Archaeology. I have been Lecturer in Archaeology at the University of Winchester since 2002 and became a Reader in 2013. I have also taught for the University of Reading, Oxford University Centre for Continuing Education and have worked for Southern Archaeological Services Ltd. Prior to my archaeological career I served in the Royal Navy Submarine Service.

I obtained my undergraduate degree (1998) from the Institute of Archaeology, University College London, and went on to complete an MRes (1999) at the same institution. I then completed PhD study at the University of Winchester in 2004 titled A Social Archaeology of Parish Church Chantries and Chapels: a perspective from the south and west of England. My main research area is within the archaeology of historical periods and archaeological fieldwork; I am particularly interested in the archaeology of Winchester. At the University of Winchester I teach on BA and MA programmes in archaeology and conduct modules in Buildings Archaeology, The Archaeology of Winchester, Church Archaeology, Historical and Contemporary Archaeology and the archaeology of the early and later medieval periods. I am also interested in the influence of the medieval period on creative writing and popular culture, including novels, films, games and art forms.

I was also Co-Director (with Dr Phil Marter) of one of the Department’s recent training excavations, the medieval hospital of St Mary Magdalen, Winchester (MHARP). Find out more about the MHARP project.

Areas of expertise

  • Church archaeology
  • Buildings archaeology
  • The archaeology of Winchester



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Contributions to edited volumes

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Journal articles

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