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Dr Liam Satchell is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology. He studies methodology and individual differences, particularly focussing on personality psychology and psychopathology (psychopathy, anxiety), ecologicial psychology and research design. 

He is the module leader for Introduction to Psychopathology and Clinical Disorders (Year 1) and Personality and Individual Differences (Year 2). He supervises Masters and undergraduate research projects on a variety of topics related to psychopathology, first impressions and methodology. He has various other teaching responsibilities across individual differences, research methods and forensic psychology modules.

He is involved with the Centre for Forensic and Investigative Psychology (focussing on research methodology and idiographic data for investigative contexts), the Childhood and Youth Psychology Research Group (focussing on personality at young ages), the Social and Organisational Psychology Research Group (focussing on first impressions), the Centre for Animal Welfare (focussing on non-human animal personality approaches to welfare) and the Cold Case Unit (focusing on psychological advice for cold case investigations).

He is the current Secretary of the British Society for the Psychology of Individual Differences.

Areas of expertise

  • Individual differences in personality and psychopathology 
  • Research methods in psychology
  • Ecological Psychology
  • Research for applied/professional contexts (Security, Policing, Microcrime, Schools, etc) 


Journal articles

Satchell, L., Kaaronen, R. & Latzman, R. (2021) An ecological approach to personality:Psychological traits as drivers and consequences of active perception. Social and Personality Psychology Compass. hhttps://doi.org/10.1111/spc3.12595
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Satchell, L.P., Mayes, H.S., Lee, A.J., O'Reilly, L., Akehurst, L. & Morris, P. (2020) Is threat in the way they move? Influences of Static and dynamic information on threat judgments of unknown people. Evolutionary Psychological Sciencehttps://psyarxiv.com/rjfcm/

Jones, A.J., Satchell, L.P., Jaeger, B. & Schild, C. (2020) Misunderstanding COVID-19 and digit ratio: Methodological and statistical issues in Manning and Fink (2020). Early Human Developmenthttps://psyarxiv.com/ht74e

Haper, C.A., Satchell, L.P, Fido, D & Latzman, R.D (2020) Functional fear predicts public health compliance in the COVID-19 pandemic. International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction (1) https://psyarxiv.com/jkfu3/

Satchell, L.P. (2019) From photograph to face-to-face:Brief interactions change person and personality judgments. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology. 82. 266-276. https://psyarxiv.com/f9xzy

Satchell, L.P, Davis, J.D., Julle-Danière, E., Tupper, N. & Marshman, P. (2019) Recognising faces but not traits: Accurate personality judgment from faces is unrelated to superior face memory. Journal of Research in Personality, 79. 59-58. Doi:10.1016/j.jrp.2019.02.002.  https://psyarxiv.com/63whf

Vernham, Z., Vrij, A., Nahari, G., Leal, S., Mann, S., Satchell, L., & Orthey, R. (2020). Applying the verifiability approach to deception detection in alibi witness situations. Acta Psychologica204, 103020.

Hudson, C. A., Vrij, A., Akehurst, L., Hope, L., & Satchell, L. P. (2020). Veracity is in the eye of the beholder: A lens model examination of consistency and deception. Applied Cognitive Psychology.

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Book chapters

Satchell, L. (2020) Psychology of perceptual error in forensic practice. In Birch, Nirenberg, Vernon & Birch (Eds). Forensic Gait Analysis Principles and Practice.  

Satchell, L. (2019) A primer on children’s personality and performance. In Hoskins, S (Ed.). Growth Mindset for Teachers (pp 21-39) London: SAGE.

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