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Prior to joining the University of Winchester, my career had been as a teacher in primary schools and in a secondary special school. For several years I was the co-ordinator for Gifted and Talented Education as well as Special Educational Needs.  Here began my particular interest in children with autism who often fitted into both sectors. I researched an aspect of this for my Masters and am continuing to focus on the condition of autism in mainstream primary schools for my Doctorate in Education, looking particularly at opportunities to develop social and communication skills during lunchtime playtime.

As a senior lecturer, I enjoy providing opportunities to challenge students in their learning and encourage them to look beyond the limits of their current understanding. I wish to be regarded as a facilitator in this role and aim to provide stimulating sessions that the students will enjoy and feel supported and respected in as part of a joint community in learning.

I have been involved in three trips with students to The Gambia in the last three years and am currently researching the short-term and long-term impact such a visit gives in personal outlook. I feel strongly that opportunities to be a part of a completely different culture should be encouraged.

Areas of expertise

  • Autism
  • Research Interests
  • Autism/international student opportunities



  • TEAN 2016, BERA 2016
  • Supervision of Research Students
  • MA dissertation students
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