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Dr Adrian Whyte graduated with a first class BA (hons) Psychology degree from the University of Winchester in 2009. At the University of Reading, he completed his MSc in Psychological Research with distinction in 2010 and PhD titled ‘The cognitive effects of acute blueberry anthocyanin intervention in 7 - 10 year old children’ in 2015.

Between 2014 and 2020 he worked as a teaching fellow in the Psychology Department of the University of Reading convening modules on subjects such as Applied Psychology, Developmental Psychology, and Nutritional Psychology. Also during this period he worked as a post-doctoral researcher considering cognitive and physiological outcomes following acute and chronic nutritional interventions. He was appointed as Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Winchester in February 2020.


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A Randomized, Double-Blinded, Placebo-Controlled Study to Compare the Safety and Efficacy of Low Dose Enhanced Wild Blueberry Powder and Wild Blueberry Extract (ThinkBlue) in Maintenance of Episodic and Working Memory in Older Adults

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