Students with disabilities

How to apply

Apply for 2021/22 accommodation by registering on our Housing Portal.

For more information on how to apply visit our How to Apply page.

To decide which options you would like to apply for, please view the What’s on Offer? page.

During the application process, you should receive two emails, one to activate your account during the registration process and one to confirm your application is complete. If you do not receive these emails, please email or call 01962 827533 so we can assist you.

Housing offers will be sent out in mid-August for students starting in September 2021.

The University guarantees a room in University Managed Accommodation (this includes our entire portfolio of on campus and off campus private house properties) to first year full-time undergraduates whose housing application is received by Student Housing Services by the advertised deadline dates.

When making an application for accommodation the student has the chance to list their preference choices in order of which accommodation they would most like to secure. We encourage all students to apply as early as possible to have the best chance of securing a preference choice. We allocate on a ‘first applied, first allocated’ basis dependent upon date order and we aim to offer students their preference choices. However, if a student’s preference choice isn’t available (even if they apply by the deadline date) we will offer a different room type to their original preferences. (which will include off campus accommodation) as our guarantee of accommodation is for a room and not a specific type of room.

In order to apply for housing, you must have selected Winchester as your FIRM choice (usually through UCAS). If you have only just accepted your place (gone FIRM), please allow at least 24-48 hours for your acceptance to register with us.

Should you need to apply for a room for a carer, please ensure this is clear in your application and that you have considered the funding of the extra room.

Students with disabilities or a severe medical condition

Applying for subsequent years

If you require a room in University accommodation for the duration of your course, you will not automatically be allocated one. You will need to ensure that you make an online application before the guarantee deadline each year, If your circumstances have changed since your first application and may affect your allocation, please ensure you provide Student Housing and the Disability and Learning Diversity Team.

Residences with Accessible rooms

The University of Winchester, in accordance with the Equality Act 2010 shall endeavour to make reasonable adjustments for students who require extra support within their accommodation either due to a disability, long term medical condition or sensory/physical impairment. This may include making a required adaptation to a room or allocating to a particular location to help them be involved fully in University life and the Student experience.

Prospective and current students are strongly advised to contact the Disabilities and Learning Diversity Team at the University in regards to their requirements. Students should also contact Student Housing Services in regards to requirements for accommodation. Please be aware that medical evidence will be required to support accommodation requests. Students with complex or multiple needs may also be invited in to discuss their accommodation requirements.

The University has a limited number of adapted and or accessible rooms so students need to ensure they apply for accommodation as early as possible.

Carer rooms

Should you need to apply for a room for a carer, please ensure this is clear in your application and that you have considered the funding of the extra room.

Adapted rooms

Our adapted rooms may include the following:

  • Wheelchair access
  • Automatic doors throughout the flat/house
  • Hoists
  • Height Adjustable equipment
  • Deaf Alerters

We may also be able to provide the following:

  • Small fridge for the storage of medicines
  • Sharps box

Please be advised that any requests for specific equipment will be considered based upon the medical/supporting evidence that the applicant provides to the University.

Residences with adapted rooms

Please see below for information about the availability of adapted rooms throughout our residences.

Self Catered Halls:

  • West Downs En-Suite
  • Queens Road En-Suite
  • Burma Road
  • Beech Glade flat
ResidenceSuitable for Hearing ImpairedSuitable for those with restricted mobilityAccessible car parking available
West Downs En-Suite X X X
West Downs Shared Facilities X Dependent on requirement X
Queens Road En-suite X   X
Queens Road Twin X   X
Burma Road X X X
St. Elizabeth’s (catered) X   X
Beech Glade (catered) X   X
Beech Glade Flat X X X
University Managed Housing   Dependent on requirement Dependent on property

Accommodation Financial Subsidy

Following recent changes to the Disabled Student Allowance, we will provide some financial assistance to students who require en-suite accommodation on disability grounds in line with the criteria below.

If you consider yourself to be disabled and therefore are requesting reasonable adjustments with regard to your specific accommodation needs you may be eligible for help in the form of a rent subsidy.

Undergraduate, postgraduate Home, EU and International students can apply for the rent subsidy if they require en-suite or studio on-campus accommodation due to their disability and health needs.

The subsidy will not automatically be awarded to students with a disclosed disability who are in en-suite, on-campus accommodation and you will need to apply annually if you meet the criteria. After your first year, the reassessment will form part of the process to support your accommodation application as a returning student.

The subsidy will be calculated on an annual basis and will be credited to your account.


You are eligible to apply if you meet one or more of the following criteria:

  1. A requirement for en-suite, on campus accommodation as a result of a physical disability i.e. mobility difficulty/wheelchair user, where specific accessibility requirements prevent you from sharing bathroom facilities with others.*
  2. A requirement for en-suite, on campus accommodation as a result of a sensory disability e.g. visual impairment, that prevents you from maintaining independence when sharing bathroom facilities because other students impact on the accessibility or usability of the shared space.*
  3. A requirement for en-suite, on campus accommodation as a result of an unseen condition such as a mental health disability, autism spectrum condition or a medical condition that prevents you from using shared bathroom facilities* without a substantial impact on your wellbeing and ability to carry out self-care activities.
  4. Exceptional cases where a requirement for en-suite, accommodation is considered appropriate by senior Student Services staff, based on evidence of ongoing difficulties that substantially impact on your ability to use shared bathroom facilities*.

Personal convenience or preference do not form part of the criteria and will not be considered.

As is current practice, DSAs can only be used in circumstances where other non-specialist accommodation in the same block of accommodation/locality is available to allow SFE to determine the reasonable additional cost.

This means that applications may only be considered for students residing in en-suite accommodation at West Downs, where a shared bathroom alternative is available for comparison.

To apply, please email