Our chaplaincies

Buddhist statue


Our Chaplaincy team is here for everyone. We are based in the Winton Building, room 30, next door to the Chapel and are here to provide support for all members of the University community.

Buddhist Chaplaincy


Rosie Holmes

Rosie has been exploring contemplative practices for over 25 years, and considers herself to be more a 'dharma practitioner' than a Buddhist. (‘dharma’ means ‘the nature of reality as taught by the Buddha’) Since stumbling across a small Buddhist centre in Brighton in 1996, she has attended retreats and teachings with numerous teachers and traditions in India, Australia, France and the UK. In 2001 she spent a year living and working at 'Gaia House', the UK’s largest silent retreat centre. The majority of her training has come from the western ‘Insight Meditation’ tradition which stems from Theravada Buddhism but she has also trained with various Zen teachers in the UK and in Australia. In 2017 she completed a year-long training to teach mindfulness meditation with the Mindfulness Training Institute (MTI) and has since been offering workshops, courses and coaching in a variety of mindfulness practices. Rosie's teaching style is informal and down-to-earth; she has a particular interest in practices that cultivate compassion, kindness, and that are easily accessible. Rosie has also worked in education for the past 18 years, and during her PGCert teaching training in 2014 started some ongoing research into the benefits of walking for creative thinking, learning and reflection. She is also assistant director of the Winchester Insititute for Contemplative Education and Practice (WICEP). 



  • Weekly drop-in guided meditation practice session open to staff and students: 1pm - 1.30pm on Mondays in the Anchorage/Chapel (Main Campus)
  • Weekly drop-in guided meditation practice session: 5.15pm - 6pm on Thursdays in the Contemplation Space, West Downs Campus
  • Introduction to Meditation event during freshers week -details TBC
  • Half-day retreat on campus in May/June - details TBC
  • Rosie is also available for discussion or questions related to meditation practice, please contact her directly: Rosie.Holmes@winchester.ac.uk

Christian Chaplaincy

Who we are


After many years spent working in university chaplaincy and the voluntary sector, Terry arrived at Winchester early in 2017. His role combines oversight of the chaplaincy and the strategic development of the University’s spirituality value. Whilst engaged in teaching across many disciplines, his work has a research focus.



Fiona studied for a BA in Christian Ministry in Lancaster, and then an MA in Theological Studies in Nottingham, before being ordained in 2000. She has served in three parishes in Winchester Diocese, along with other leadership responsibilities, before taking a role in an Academy in Southampton as a Pastoral Leader. She is passionate about finding the full potential in every individual person, and pastorally connecting and sharing in life’s journeys with them, as they experience the endless gift of God’s grace.



Each week there are different activities:

  • 12.12pm Monday to Thursday, (term time only) Midday Prayer
  • 7pm Monday evenings, (term time only) meetings of the Christian Union
  • 12.12pm Wednesday lunchtime, Ecumenical Holy Communion
  • 7pm Thursday evenings, (term time only) meetings of the Student Christian Movement
  • 12.12pm Friday, (term time only) Space for Silence: using a variety of formats
  • 7pm Sunday evenings, (term time only) Compline/Night Prayer

We offer other events and activities to suit a variety of tastes and worship styles – all welcome! A programme is available from the Chapel for each semester, or you can get one by emailing us at chaplaincy@winchester.ac.uk

Muslim Chaplaincy



Shaykh Rizwan is an Islamic scholar and teacher. He is a graduate of Al Karam school and its Islamic Studies Department, Al Azhar University in Cairo and Cambridge Muslim College. He is currently the Head Imam in Bashir Ahmed Mosque in Southampton and serves as religious advisor to the Muslim Council of Southampton.

Prayer Facilities

There is a Muslim Prayer Room located at the rear of Winton Building in the King Alfred Quarter. The room is segregated to ensure a dedicated space for both brothers and sisters.
There are ablution and shoe storage facilities, as well as copies of the Qur’an and some pieces of Islamic text. To provide some extra comfort there are also beanbags, coat hooks and a wall mirror available.
The Muslim Prayer Room is open Monday to Friday 6am-9pm. If you wish to worship outside of these hours, our Site Stewards can provide suitable access. Please phone them on 01962 827666 to make arrangements.

Islamic Society

Want to join a shared community along with your fellow sisters and brothers? Join the University of Winchester’s Islamic Society. The society is open to all students who are interested in learning more about Islam. The society is also keen to host a variety of community, social and academically engaging events throughout the year. 

Halal Food at the University of Winchester

Although Halal food is not served in the Food Hall, the Student Union shop serves a selection of certified Halal samosas and sandwiches, such as the URBAN eat range.

In Winchester city centre there are several establishments and restaurants that serve Halal meat.