Latest information on Covid-19

As at 11am on Thursday 17 June 2021:

  • There is one current case of Covid-19 linked to the University.
  • The individual has not been on camus in the period before their positive result.
  • When a student or staff member tests positive who has been on campus, we complete an internal Track and Trace process.
  • There are no cases in on-campus accommodation.
  • Since September 2020, 206 previous cases have now completed their self-isolation and have recovered

Working together to keep our campus and Winchester safe

As the University for Sustainability and Social Justice, the continued health, welfare and safety of our students, staff and global community is our number one priority as we all continue to tackles the challenges brought about by Covid-19. The information below is designed to provide information to our current and future students, staff, and the wider community.

From 17 May, all students are able to come to campus in order to access the libraries, extracurricular activities and support. 

We are continuing to work closely with NHS Test and Trace, Public Health England and our local authority partners.

We are communicating directly with those who need to change their actions in relation to potential contact with confirmed Covid cases. If you do not hear from the University or from NHS Track and Trace there is no need to change your behaviour at this stage.

If you have any Covid symptoms:

If you have a question about self-isolation or are concerned about someone self-isolating, please contact us via Covid Careline on 01962 827100. Alternatively, if your query is on-campus and urgent please call our 24/7 Site Stewards team on 01962 827666

The University is continuing to respond to the Government’s latest guidance and therefore information and guidelines are subject to change. 

Page last updated: 21 May 2021

Report symptoms. self-isolation or gatherings

If you are a student or staff member experiencing any Covid symptoms, or are required to self-isolate because someone you live with has symptoms, or you have been instructed to self-isolate by the University or NHS Track and Trace

If you believe a gathering is planned or has happened which breaches the latest guidelines

Latest on campus plans and Covid testing

From 17 May

The Prime Minister announced that restrictions on access to university campuses are being lifted on 17 May. You can read more about this in a letter from Michelle Donelan MP, the Minister of State for Universities

We are very aware that the lifting of restrictions unfortunately comes too late for teaching for most courses. However, you are all very welcome back to return campus from 17 May to access the libraries, extracurricular activities and support.

Recharge, wellbeing and support for your future events

We are looking at plans to put on careers support and wellbeing activities in partnership with the Student Union towards the end of May – more details to follow soon.

What about my accommodation?

Students living in University managed accommodation should have received an email from our Housing team. Please contact our housing team directly on for any questions. 

No detriment measures 2020/21

We have developed a package of no detriment measures for the 2020/21 academic year, designed to help students by ensuring our assessment and progression processes are as fair as possible against the difficult and complex context of Covid. 

Students and staff can find more information on our package of no detriment measures, including self-certification of Extenuating Circumstances for Covid-related reasons and a safety net, by viewing this intranet page. 

Covid testing

Students and staff should get regularly tested, twice a week.

Home testing kits will be available for all students and staff from Monday 24 May. Please book a Covid test online using this form (you will need to log in using your normal University account details). During your test slot you will go and do a test in the Test Centre in the Sports Hall and can then pick up several weeks of home test kits so you can continue to test twice a week in the comfort of your home.

To collect your supply of home testing kits, you will first need to take a test in the test centre. Our Test Centre staff will then give you a card to show that you know how to perform the test. Keep a hold of your card (and maybe take a picture of it just to be safe!) so the next time you need to pick up some home test kits you can produce it in order to access the kits without needing to take a test on campus.

Please book now for an appointment over the next two weeks to get a test and your kits. It’s really helpful if you book before you come along so we can have enough test kits ready for you.

Make sure to bring your student or staff card with you when you pick up your tests. We’ll scan this when we give you your tests so we can contact you in the unlikely case of a recall on any test kits. With this in mind, make sure your contact phone number is up to date on MyRecord (for students) or iHR  (for staff).

Once you have your test kits, you should take a test twice a week at home and report your results online.

  • Who can use these home tests?

Test kits provided at the University can only be used by Winchester students or staff. They cannot be used for other members of your household.

  • When can I pick up the tests?

The test centre is open the following days and times. Please book your slot. During your timeslot you’ll do a test in the test centre, get a card to demonstrate your ability to perform the test in the future, and collect some home test kits.

The test centre is open for tests and test kit collection on the following days:

  • Monday 24 May: appointments 9am-12:30pm
  • Wednesday 26 May: appointments 9am-12:30pm
  • Friday 28 May: appointments 9am-12:30pm
  • Tuesday 1 June: appointments 9am-12:30pm
  • Thursday 3 June: appointments 9am-12:30pm

§  Where is the test centre?

The test centre is in the Sports Hall which is inside Bowers Building on the King Alfred Quarter. If you head down the stairs opposite the Kenneth Kettle Building and walk around the right side of the Fred Wheeler Building, Bowers Building is in front of you. We will be updating on campus signage to help you find the test centre.

§  What kinds of tests are they?

The home tests are regular rapid lateral flow coronavirus test kits. They are the same kind of test that we have been providing in our one site test centre, but the test kits come with all you need to complete the test at home. These tests are for people who do not currently have Covid symptoms.

Your home test kits should give you a result in 30 minutes, which you then report on the Government’s website.

§  Why should I get tested?

About 1 in 3 people with Covid do not have symptoms but can still infect others. Even if you have had a Covid vaccine, please test twice a week to help stop the virus spreading.

Social distancing must be followed at all times before and after testing. You should continue to get regularly tested, even if  you have received your Covid vaccination.

If you are accessing asymptomatic regular testing in another way (such as through a school or through a local pharmacy) you are welcome to use this testing rather than through our testing site. However, please let us know by completing this non-University testing form. We need to report how many of our students and staff are getting tested, including by non-University testing.

As a reminder, the tests we have on campus are Lateral Flow Device tests. These are not the kinds of tests required when travelling abroad. We have more advice on private test options here.

If you have a positive test result:

Staff on campus

As a vibrant campus community, we are looking forward to a time when colleagues will be able to return to campus. We are currently finalising our plans and support for the transition of staff back to campus-based working (including any permitted flexibilities) and will be communicating about this in the coming weeks. Risk assessments will be reviewed, and updated where necessary, in advance of any changes.

We will also be updating our Covid HR policy in relation to returning from travel to the Amber and Red list of countries.

In the meantime, please speak to your line manager if you have questions about how you should be working at the moment.

Supporting our students

We have always been passionate about providing a supportive and inclusive environment to help all students flourish and this has never been more true than in our approach to this academic year. Our student support services, including mental health and disability support together with careers advice are available, with online delivery.

Winchester Student Union will continue to provide exceptional student-led and student-delivered services to support the student experience: representing your voice; supporting you in your learning and welfare; and helping you access necessary and suitable welfare support.

If students need to self-isolate, we are here for you. We have Covid Care Groups and other outreach and support to help you if you are self-isolating

Financial support for current students

Our Student Support Fund exists to support students who find themselves in unexpected financial hardship. 

Email for more information about our Student Support Fund.

Get in touch

If you can't find the information you are looking for, or you would like some more clairty, you can contact us in the following ways:

  • calling the Covid Careline on 01962 827100
  • replying to a Covid weekly newsletter if you are a student or a member of staff
  • emailing 
  • contacting your Faculty if you are a student or a member of staff

Health and Wellbeing

Latest government and NHS guidance

Everyone needs to follow the latest government and NHS guidance on health and public safety. Please see the latest government advice here.

Face coverings guidance from 17 May

In line with changes taking place across the education sector, our face covering policy from 17 May 2021 has changed to the following.

Continuing to wear a face covering where required will help to keep everyone on campus safe alongside the other measures we have in place including social distancing, enhanced cleaning, and increased hand sanitisation points.

Free disposable face masks are available in both University libraries and from reception.

From 17 May 2021, you will not need to wear a face covering when you are:
     - sitting in the libraries
     - sitting in study spaces
     - sitting in catering outlets
     - sitting in a teaching session
     - within the student residential unit where you have formed a household
     - sitting at a desk in an office, where social distancing and ventilation measures are in place
     - delivering teaching, where social distancing and ventilation measures are in place. You can make a personal choice to wear a face visor whilst teaching.

You will need to continue to wear a face covering when you are:
     - standing up and moving around any communal indoor space, including libraries, study spaces, catering outlets, and offices
     - walking through and within campus buildings

Exemptions from wearing face coverings
The University recognises that for certain reasons some people are unable to wear face coverings. Where students and staff are unable to wear face coverings they are encouraged to demonstrate this by carrying an exemption card or downloading one to their mobile phone (available here).

Social distancing will need to be maintained on campus as the Government has not lifted this requirement for universities. 

Do you have symptoms?

If you currently have coronavirus symptoms (a high temperature; a new, continuous cough; a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste) you must get tested. 

If you have symptoms you need to:

If you test positive, you must follow the advice you are given and self-isolate. Please also report to the University via the above links. Reach out if you need help either via Student Services or if you are University-Managed housing, via the Housing team.

Phone your GP or 111 if your symptoms are severe.

Potential higher-risk categories

If you are a student and you believe you are in a potentially higher-risk category and are concerned or anxious about this, please contact our Student Services team directly on   

All staff who are in categories that may mean they are at higher risk should complete a Covid-19 Risk Assessment for Staff in Higher Risk Categories ahead of any return to on campus working.

Covid guidance for pregnant staff and students

The NHS has specific information on pregnancy and coronavirus.   

Women of childbearing age, or those who are pregnant or breastfeeding may like to also read Public Health England's guide on Covid-19 vaccination. 

Track and Trace

If you are contacted through the NHS Track and Trace scheme, please do follow any and all guidance that you are given. We encourage everyone to download the NHS COVID-19 app to assist with the national contact tracing scheme.

If you need to self-isolate based on the guidance of Track and Trace, please do complete the forms above as appropriate in order to inform the University.

The University’s duty to provide Track and Trace support to NHS and other national bodies

The University is required to be in a position to provide contact tracing support to Public Health England, NHS or local authority bodies dealing with cases of Covid-19 within our community. As the University campus is large and to ensure comprehensive coverage the University is using data collected by our network of WiFi beacons.

  • As one of your devices connects to Eduroam your email address, date/time stamp and beacon ID is collected. This data is encrypted and held in a secure database which can only be accessed by two people, the Network Team Leader and the Senior Systems Specialist.
  • The data, to comply with other requirements including PREVENT, is held for 180 days but only accessed for specific purposes.
  • If a request or advice from PHE (or other relevant authority) is made the Health, Safety and Business Continuity Manager will require that the Track and Trace process is initiated.
  • The search looks at the location of the wireless logins for the period of 48 hours before symptoms were first recoded (the period of time someone can be contagious). It will extract the email addresses of all others who were also using that wireless beacon at the same time.

Information collected will be limited to user email addresses and times and dates connecting to the Eduroam network. It will only be used as part of the University’s efforts to tackle the spread of COVID-19 and will only be retained for as long as is necessary The University is collecting this data under the lawful basis of public task as defined under Article 6(1)(e) of the GDPR where processing is being carried out in the public interest. 

If you have any technical questions regarding how the system works, please contact Fiona Greig, Director of Library and IT Services  If you have any questions regarding data compliance, please contact Stephen Dowell, Compliance Officer

Mental wellbeing

We know we are all living in extraordinary times and this can impact on our mental health and wellbeing in a variety of ways. Our Student Services team is here to support you with all aspects of your welfare and general wellbeing both on campus and online, including through individual appointments and a huge range of resources. You can see the support available and how to book an appointment on

Safety Measures on Campus

We are following the latest Public Health England and government guidelines and have put in place a wide range of safety measures across our campus including:

  • Socially-distanced seats and workstations across campus
  • Clear signage
  • Enhanced cleaning systems
  • One-way systems and plastic barriers in appropriate areas
  • Widespread hand sanitiser and cleaning stations
  • Blended learning to eliminate large gatherings
  • Introducing a Covid Campus Safety Team
  • Capacity assessments of each room and venue on campus to enable social distancing for students and staff
  • Face covering guidance, including the provision of face shields for teaching staff
  • Covid-19 training for all staff ahead of their return to campus working

Deans and Directors have been working directly with the Estates and Facilities team to plan the usage of each space on campus appropriately.

In September, students received a copy of 'Working together to keep campus and Winchester safe: Covid guidelines for students' and have received updated guidance as it has continued to change.

It is really important that all staff and students take all safety measures seriously. In order to protect us all, ignoring or refusing to follow government guidelines and regulations will result in disciplinary action, including potential suspension of studies for students.

We all need to:

  • Practise social distancing
  • Wear a face covering as appropriate 
  • Get regularly tested
  • Wash our hands regularly for 20 seconds using soap and water, or use hand sanitiser, and cover coughs and sneezes
  • Follow all government, NHS and University guidance and regulations. All University guidance is subject to change in line with the latest government advice. Visit for the latest government advice.
  • Remember that socialising and having an fun and safe student experience is still important. Visit the Winchester Student Union events calendar and explore a range of extra-curricular opportunities
  • Follow the latest Government guidance on social gatherings


Travel and International Guidance

Travelling to campus

Anyone needing to travel to campus must follow the latest government guidance on travel when planning your transport to campus. If you can travel to campus on foot or bicycle, this is encouraged.

Arriving from a country with quarantine requirements

If you are arriving from a country with quarantine requirements and need to self-isolate, you need to ensure you follow all of the instructions of how to self-isolate.

If you are self-isolating you need to make us aware of your circumstances by emailing  You must ensure you self-isolate for the full quarantine period. Please keep your boarding pass or other evidence of your return to England so your return date can be established if needs be.

If you need any help or support while self-isolating, contact our Student Advice team on

Advice for International students who are unable to rearrange travel

International students who had already booked travel before the latest guidance was issued who are unable to rearrange travel (for any reason, including the cost of rearranging being too much), are welcome to return to Winchester as scheduled. Please do note the guidance to traveling on the Government website here

If you are an international student and have any concerns around your visa or immigration status, or would like support for issues like homesickness, please get in touch with our International Student Adviser on  

Our Community

Working together to protect Winchester

We are proud to support the NHS during the coronavirus pandemic. We provided campus accommodation this spring and summer to frontline staff who were unable to stay in their own homes and car parking spaces to those working at our neighbouring Royal Hampshire County Hospital.

We also donated acetate sheets to the Hospital which were used to make single-use face guards for HHFT staff. Read more about our support for the NHS here.

We are working closely with our community partners, including Winchester City Council and the Police the city to ensure that we have a coordinated approach to our students and staff following all public safety guidance, including social distancing.

We are in regular communication with our students and have outlined that ignoring or refusing to follow government guidelines and regulations will result in disciplinary action, including potential suspension from studies.

Public events are continuing to happen online and we would love for members of the community to attend.  Please keep an eye on the events page of our website for the latest events listings.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there financial hardship support for students available?

We have a Student Support Fund which is available for full-time and part-time UK students experiencing exceptional, unforeseen hardship, including as a result of the global pandemic. For more information on our Student Support Fund, please contact Student Services on 01962 827341 or email​

I'm a commuting student whose course is back on campus for some sessions. How often should I be getting tested?

If you are coming onto campus, you should be getting tested twice a week. If you are coming onto campus less than twice a week, you should be getting tested once a week. If you are not coming onto campus every week, you should be getting tested each time you are on campus.

I booked an on-campus Covid test but I didn't get any confirmation email. Has my test been booked?

Some students have reported not getting their confirmation emails when booking on-campus Covid tests. You booking will have gone through, but if you want to confirm or have any issues, please email 

What is happening with Graduation 2020?

2020 graduates should have recently received an update on Graduation from our Graduation Team. If you have not received an email or if you have any questions, please emails 

I haven’t been receiving student emails, what can I do?

If you are a current or incoming student but haven’t been receiving emails from us, please double check your spam folder in the first instance.

If you can’t seem to find any emails from us, please contact our Registry team on with your name and 7-digit student number so we can sort this for you.

Do you have a question not answered here?

Call the Covid Careline on 01962 827100.