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Emma Nottingham LLB PhD FHEA is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Winchester. She researches the legal and ethical aspects of children’s rights within a range of contexts. She has published in leading law journals including the Journal of Media Law, Medical Law Review and the Journal of Professional Negligence and regularly provides expert comment for the media including the BBC News channel, BBC Breakfast, BBC 5Live, BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio 2, ITV Meridian News and LBC Radio.

Emma has a particular interest in bioethics and the rights of children in healthcare. She is a member of the Institute of Medical Ethics Research Committee and sits on the Clinical Ethics Committee at University Hospitals Southampton. Emma also has expertise in the intersection of law, ethics and digital technologies, particularly in relation to the impact of the digital world on children. She is co-director of the Centre for Information Rights and is currently researching the protection of children on broadcast and digital media.

Emma has experience of teaching the law of torts, family law, child law, medical law and value studies. She was shortlisted for the Winchester Students’ Union award of Lecturer of the Year 2019.

Dr Nottingham welcomes enquiries about postgraduate research supervision.


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Sarosh Khan, Jennifer Lavelle and Emma Nottingham, (2012) Maritime Labour Convention: an overview. Britannia News, supplement Conventions, 3-10


Blog Posts

Emma Nottingham, Update on the Archie Battersbee Case (August 2022) 

Emma Nottingham, Archie Battersbee Case The hearing in the Court of Appeal (June 2022)

Emma Nottingham, We Should all Get our Hands Dirty: Reflections on Why Lawyers Should Become Archaeologists | Frontiers of Sociolegal Studies (ox.ac.uk) (March 2022)

Emma Nottingham, 'Bell v Tavistock - The Court of Appeal hearing' (June 2021) The Transparency Project Blog 

Emma Nottingham, 'Sharenting in a socially distanced world' (August 2020) 

 Emma Nottingham, 'Transgender man loses appeal and remains recognised as ‘mother’ on child’s birth certificate' (May 2020) The Transparency Project Blog 

Emma Nottingham, ‘Tafida Raqeeb: Costs Judgment’ (January 2020) The Transparency Project Blog 

Emma Nottingham, ‘Transgender man must remain registered as child’s mother’ (October 2019) The Transparency Project Blog 

Emma Nottingham and Peta Coulson-Smith, ‘Tafida Raqeeb Judgment Summary: Continuation of Life-Sustaining Treatment in Italy held to be in Child’s Best Interests’ (October 2019) The Transparency Project Blog

Emma Nottingham, ‘Tafida Raqeeb: First Day of the High Court Case’ (September 2019) The Transparency Project Blog 

Emma Nottingham ‘Tafida Raqeeb Case: Day 2 in the High Court’ (September 2019) The Transparency Project Blog 

Emma Nottingham, ‘Tafida Raqeeb Case: Day 3 in the High Court’ (September 2019) The Transparency Project Blog 

Emma Nottingham, ‘We need to Protect Children who appear on Social Media: ‘Generation Tagged’ and the YouTube Kidfluencer’ (July 2019) University of Winchester Blog 

Emma Nottingham, ‘Fight for Life: Best interests, sick children and the Battleground’ (June 2019) The Transparency Project Blog 

Emma Nottingham, ‘Coronation Street Child Abortion Storyline: What is the law?’ (2019) The Transparency Project Blog 

Emma Nottingham, ‘Surrogacy arrangement breakdown: surrogate ordered to hand child over to intended parents’ (2017) The Transparency Project Blog 

Emma Nottingham ‘Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children -v- Gard’ Family Court Reporting Watch, Transparency Project (2017) 

Oswald Marion, James Helen, Nottingham Emma, (2016) ‘The not-so-secret life of ‘Generation Tagged’ Information Law and policy Centre at IALS Blog http://infolawcentre.blogs.sas.ac.uk/2016/04/21/comment-the-not-so-secret-life-of-generation-tagged/; The UoW Blog http://www.winchester.ac.uk/blog/Pages/The_not_so_secret_life_of_'Generation_Tagged'.aspx

Emma Nottingham, ‘Innovating at the Frontiers: The Postgraduate Bioethics Conference 2014’ (2014) HEAL UoS Blog 

Emma Nottingham, ‘Injecting contraception in schools?’ (2012) Health Ethics and Law University of Southampton Blog 

Emma Nottingham, ‘Case of the week: October 17, 1985’ (2011) Health Ethics and Law University of Southampton Blog 

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