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Professor Geoffrey Meads is Professor of Wellbeing Research in the University's Health and Wellbeing Research Group. He is an organisational sociologist with extensive experience of policy and practice in primary and community care. His publications in these subject areas have focused on innovations in general practice and inter-professional developments across health and social care. Previously a NHS regional director and health authority chief executive he was closely involved in drafting central strategies for primary care oriented commissioning and, in recent years, his publications have sought to identify the transferable learning from parallel developments in primary health care internationally, including case studies in 34 other countries. Recent articles have examined the rapid expansion of frontline Wellbeing service outlets; the role of faith related social ebnterprises; and the institutional capacity for relevant health management research of UK higher education.

Geoffrey trained as a social worker and was originally a probation officer in Hampshire. Previously Professor of International Health Studies at Warwick Medical School and Professor of Health Service Development at City University, he is now an editor for the NIHR Scientific Journals series and a member of the Winchester Deanery Synod. He is a Doctoral external examiner for Bath Uniiversity.

Areas of expertise

  • Primary and community care agencies
  • Organisational development and trend analysis, including typologies and modelling
  • Transferable learning applied research methods, including participant observation and action research approaches
  • International health systems and policy developments
  • Scientific and management reviews


Since 2001:


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Book chapters

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Research articles in peer-reviewed journals

  • MEADS, G. (forthcoming 2017) From pastoral care to public health: an ethnographic case study of collaborative governance in a local food bank, Open Public Health Journal.
  • MEADS, G. (2016) Wellbeing agencies in the High Street: the rebirth of primary health care? Open Public Health Journal, 9.
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Research reports and monographs

  • ZENYEGA,S., MEADS,G. (2013) Four years since its introduction where is Choose and Book (C&B). Lambert Academic Publishing, Saarbrucken, Germany
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Other articles and reviews

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