University Managed Housing

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University Managed Housing

University Managed Houses are properties off campus that we rent from local landlords and sub-let to our full-time students. Properties are usually let to 2nd, 3rd or 4th year students but may also be reserved for first-year students.

For September 2020 entry, there will be University Managed Houses available for first-year students. These are let on a 41 week licence agreement and rooms are allocated in the same way as on-campus residences. Students may select University Managed Housing as an option on their housing application.

If you live in a University Managed House, the University is your landlord. The friendly off-campus housing team in Student Housing Services will deal with any issues or concerns including maintenance and general help and advice and you pay your rent directly to the University. All properties are accredited by Winchester City Council and range from 3 to 7 bedrooms in size. All are self-catered and have shared bathroom and kitchen facilities. All are designated non-smoking.

Subject to any local parking restrictions, many properties have either driveway or on street parking available.

Properties are fully furnished which includes:

  • Bed (single or double)
  • Wardrobe
  • Desk and chair
  • Shelving/drawer unit
  • Communal seating which may be a table and chairs and/or sofa
  • Oven and hob
  • Fridge Freezer
  • Washing machine

You will receive a full inventory when you move in but will need to bring personal items such as bedding, towels and kitchen equipment. Curtains or blinds are provided for each bedroom. TV licence regulations state that if you have signed an individual agreement and you plan to bring a television to use in your bedroom, you will need your own TV Licence.

Map of UMH locations

University Managed Housing Map to download

(locations vary from year to year and this map is given as guidance only.)

Returning Students

Please visit our StudentPad website to search for available accommodation. If you require the password, please contact and include your Student ID number to request this.

If you are a student looking for accommodation for your second, third or consequent years of study, please see our Are You Ready To Rent? guide to renting in the private sector. The Housing team are also able to advise should you wish to discuss your options in more detail.

Living off campus

The Residential Management team

Student Housing Services is here to support students living off campus.  The team comprises of 9 staff with the Housing Manager (Off Campus) holding the overall responsibility for both the day to day operations and the promotion of a positive living environment for residents. There is also a dedicated team of staff for out of hour's emergency advice and student staff who provide pastoral care during the day so there is always someone to assist or give advice.

Security and safety

Here at Winchester the safety and security of our students is paramount. Students living in University housing off-site have access to the University 24 hour Site Steward Team, who can assist with security, pastoral and safety advice. Our Police liaison officer can also provide advice to students.

The Student Union also runs a 'safety bus' from their venue to areas in the local community after some of its events, to assist students getting home safely.

Student Housing Services also provides information to students about getting around the City, both on foot and by public transport to try to help students familiarise themselves with their surrounding area. The University also has good links with the local Police team and City Council and will work together to combat reported issues in the private sector.

Cleaning and maintenance

Students living off campus are responsible for their cleaning and the off campus Housing team can support residents with what's expected and how to manage this communally, and when it comes to washing clothes all University managed housing has washing machines.

The off campus team will manage all maintenance reports from residents, fixing these themselves where possible, employing one of our approved Contractors or liaising with the Landlord to complete a job.  Emergency out of hours contact is also available through the University Site Stewards who may offer advice, response or call the Landlord or emergency contractors to attend.


Even if you live off campus there is always somewhere on campus to find something to eat. The Food Hall offers a range of options including breakfast, traditional home cooked meals and the Deli Bar, as well as 'Tastes of the World' where you can ask the chef to cook just for you. You can order your favourite coffee and panini from the Learning Café or Café LIFE; a prime Buffalo burger or steak from the Gourmet Burger Company; or pizza from Cyber Italia.

Students can use cash to pay for items or benefit from various discounts by using their campus ID card. The University offers a number of catering packages that students can purchase or they can set up an online account so they, or their family and friends, can add credit on an ad-hoc basis.

Internet provision

The vast majority of the University managed houses off campus have a wireless broadband connection which has been set up by the property owner.  Students living off-campus can also make use of the IT facilities on campus.

Other faculties

Students living off campus have a wide variety of facilities available to them not only on campus but within their local areas. A few of those on campus are mentioned here:

  • University library
  • University gym and sports facilities
  • Student Union venue and other facilities
  • Student Union run shops
  • All heating, water, electricity and the majority of Internet costs are included in the residence fees