International student support

We offer a variety of services for international student support. These provide advice and guidance for non-academic related queries, and those looking to improve their academic skillsets through our English Language Teaching Support Unit (ELTSU).

Non-academic international student support

Geoff Titchener is the University's International Student Officer.

Geoff is available to help students with non-academic issues and enquiries such as arrival enquiries, orientation, travelling to Europe, visa applications and extensions, opening bank accounts and will also direct students to the appropriate support elsewhere in Student Services or the university as appropriate.

The International Student Handbook, which is sent to you with your welcome pack, contains information to help you prepare for coming to the United Kingdom and starting your studies at Winchester. The University can help with transport from London Heathrow Airport. This information can be obtained from Geoff. The International Support and Advice Centre also carries information on study abroad opportunities such as Erasmus exchange programmes and American Exchange/Visiting programmes.

Term-time: 10am - 12pm (Monday-Thursday)
International Support and Advice Centre 
Main Building Room 34

English Language Teaching and Support Unit (ELTSU) and Academic English Support 

Our English Language Teaching and Support Unit (ELTSU) provide high-quality programmes to prepare and equip international students with the necessary skills to enable them to study at higher education.  

These programmes have been designed with  students in mind; we take on board the feedback we receive and continually update our programmes.

"We help our students achieve their academic and language goals, it is of particular importance to us that each student has a welcoming and rewarding experience of Winchester and England. As an experienced teaching Unit we know that students choose where to study based on location, quality of education, employment prospects, affordability, lifestyle, personal security and education accessibility."

Ivan Preston
Head of ELTSU


The ELTSU experience

Our programmes

ELTSU offer a suite of programmes which cover a range of needs. 

Meet the team

Mandy Jones

International Foundation Programme - Programme Leader

Telephone +44 (0)1962 827328



Marija Davis

Pre-sessional Programme - Programme Leader

Telephone +44 (0)1962 827343



Peter Boniface

Certificate in English for International Students - Programme Leader

Telephone+44 (0)1962 624867



Howard Giles 





"My host family were very kind and I couldn't decide which food I liked best! My favourite lesson was British Culture and my favourite excursion was Lulworth Cove; I have never been to such a beautiful place."

Nagoya University of Foreign Studies Summer School student, 2012.

"I learnt a lot at Summer School and it has become one of my best experiences. My favourite trip was Brighton because it had a beautiful beach. My favourite activity was Presentation Skills because it was a good way to improve my English." 

Takashoku University Summer School student, 2012.

"Summer School was such a good experience, I will never forget it. Bath was the most wonderful city I've seen and Portsmouth was good for shopping! My favourite lesson was British Culture."

Sanji University Summer School student, 2012.

"My favourite activity during Summer School was going to the law courts; it was a valuable experience. The teachers were so nice and I learnt a lot about Britain."

Seinan-Jo University Summer School student, 2012.

"The Summer School timetable was a good variation of different aspects of English language and English culture, of individual work and group work, of learning and going on trips. The tutorials were helpful too. English Literature was the most interesting class."

Croatian Summer School student, 2012.

Important and useful information

Important information

Health and safety requirements

It is a condition of registration that students cooperate with the University with respect to health and safety.
All students have the right not to proceed with any activity if they feel it poses a danger to their health and safety or that of others and raise their concerns with an appropriate member of staff.

Students must:

  • not interfere with or misuse anything provided for health and safety
  • comply with the University Health and Safety Policy, processes, regulations, codes of practice, guidelines and relevant legislation
  • report any accident, injury, near miss, unsafe conditions or suspected faults in the buildings or equipment as soon as possible to a member of staff
  • assist to the best of their abilities any visitors who may not be familiar with the University Health and Safety Policy, processes,
  • regulations, codes of practice, guidelines and relevant legislation.
  • notify their academic tutor if they have a condition affecting health which may be caused by or made worse by study activities (this information will be treated with appropriate confidentiality)
  • undertake any health and safety training and induction required by the University.

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