August 2020 at the University of Winchester

3 Sep 2020

As we enjoyed the last few weeks of this extraordinary summer, we celebrated research grant success, academic achievement and most importantly, confirmed places for a new cohort of students following A level results. Read about the highlights below.

Welcoming a new cohort of students to Winchester

Against the background of the coronavirus pandemic, this year's A level results were challenging to say the least, both for students anxiously awaiting their results and universities looking to confirm their places on chosen courses.

Congratulations to everyone who will be joining us here at Winchester later in September. Our Chancellor Alan Titchmarsh recorded a special message for our new and returning students for the start of the academic year!

Winchester is partner in first-ever survey of its kind the mental health of e-gamers

E-gamer celebrating by raising his fists in triumph

Elite CS:GO (Counter Strike: Global Offensive) players face significant stressors in their competitive lives.

Now Dr Matt Smith, a sport and exercise psychologist and senior lecturer in the University's Department of Sport Exercise and Health, is collaborating with Dr Phil Birch and Ben Sharpe of the University of Chichester to plan a comprehensive research project examining the factors influencing the mental health of professional players of the first-person shooter game.

The study is supported by the Counter Strike Professional Players' Association (CSPPA) and will be the first of its kind in esports to advance the current lack of understanding of the factors influencing mental health in CS:GO, creating a platform to support professional players to deal with the intense demands of professional game play.

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Grant success for project to develop guidelines for heritage programmes for people with mental ill-health

Dr Paul Everill, Senior Lecturer in Applied Archaeological Techniques in the Department of Archaeology, Anthropology and Geography, is a member of a small team which has been awarded a £50k grant by the MARCH Network. The team - which includes Bournemouth and Solent Universities and Historic England - will undertake work to develop guidelines for involving people experiencing mental ill-health in heritage projects. Find out more.

The MARCH Network is one of 8 national networks funded by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) as part of the 2018 Cross-Council Mental Health Plus call to further research into mental health.

Paul leads the University's Heritage for Heroes initiative, a pioneering interdisciplinary initiative aiming to help former service personnel develop new skills as they recover from injuries and illnesses, and as they make the transition from military to civilian careers.

Recognition for Professor Andrew Knight

Congratulations to Andrew Knight, Professor of Animal Welfare and Ethics and Director of the University's Centre for Animal Welfare, who has been named the Griffith University Science Group Outstanding Alumnus 2020. Andrew gained his PhD at Griffith, one of Australia's most leading universities, in 2010.

Andrew is now on the shortlist for Outstanding Alumnus for Griffith overall: the award will be announced at a virtual awards event on 11 September.

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Blog highlight: Who knew? The doctor will see you now via video

Close up of hands typing on a laptop with stethoscope on the desk

The 'new normal' amid the coronavirus pandemic has seen video consultations become routine for GPs, healthcare workers and patients alike.

In this thought-provoking blog post, Dr Luise Marino, Programme Lead Nutrition and Dietetics, looks at the knowledge and skills health care professionals need to future proof health care services through video consultations post Covid-19.

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