Winchester research roundup July 2019

19 Jul 2019

The University is one of 15 institutions across the south of England to receive funding of £9 million as part of the ARC Wessex partnership, which will work together to help solve some of the big health challenges our communities are facing, including dementia and obesity. Find out more about the partnership, as well as other research news, below.

Health research in Wessex boosted by £9 million

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Health researchers across the Wessex region have received funding of £9 million to work together to help solve some of the big health challenges faced in their communities, such as dementia, obesity and ageing.

The University of Winchester - along with the universities of Bournemouth, Portsmouth and Southampton - will collaborate with 11 NHS trusts, including Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, and local authorities in a new partnership to find practical solutions for patients and health and care systems.

The announcement comes as the University prepares to launch its new Faculty of Health and Wellbeing, headed by Professor Simon Jobson, on 1 August. Find out more.

New research to explore effects on children of reality TV appearances

Lego display of child figure with teddy surrounded by cameras and film crew
How do young people, who took part in reality TV shows as children, feel about that experience?

A new research project, led by Dr Emma Nottingham, Co-Director of the University's Centre for Information Rights, and Marion Oswald, Senior Fellow in the Department of Law, aims to interview older children who were involved in fly-on-the-wall programmes such as Channel Four's The Secret Life of Four Year-Olds to find out whether they think they benefitted from the experience and how they feel now about their privacy.

The study builds on previous research by Marion Oswald, Emma Nottingham and Helen James [Ryan] in 2016. 'The not-so-secret life of five- year-olds: legal and ethical issues relating to disclosure of information and the depiction of children on broadcast and social media' was published in the Journal of Media Law 8 (2). Find out more about the Children in the Media project.

Emma Nottingham has recently contributed a post to the University blog arguing that children who appear on social media as a 'Kidfluencer' or as part of a YouTube family, should receive greater protection than they currently do. Read the blog post.

Conference looks at rights of children in the digital age


Lego display of child figure with teddy surrounded by cameras and film crew
In more news from the Centre for Information Rights, researchers hosted a workshop exploring the impact of social media on critically ill young children and their parents, as well as professionals who work alongside them.

The cases of Charlie Gard, Isaiah Haastrup and Alfie Evans have appeared in media headlines in recent years, with the cases of Charlie and Alfie, in particular, accompanied by a strong social media presence. The impact of social media in the context of critically ill children is a relatively new issue and has received little attention from academic researchers, law and policy-makers and healthcare organisations.

Featuring a range of high-profile speakers, the 6th Winchester Conference on Trust, Risk, Information and the Law (TRILCON) focused on Caring for Critically Ill Children in the Glare of Digital Media: Rights, Best Interests and Public Good in the Age of "Generation Tagged", providing a forum for interdisciplinary discussions and a consideration of what measures might be needed to provide better support. A report of the conference findings will be published in August 2019. For further information email Dr Emma Nottingham.

Visiting Professor of Nursing joins new Faculty of Health and Wellbeing

David Voegeli 
With the University's new Faculty of Health and Wellbeing launching on 1 August, the University has welcomed Professor David Voegeli as Visiting Professor of Nursing.

With an international reputation in the field of skin health and tissue viability, David was previously Associate Professor of Nursing within the Skin Health Research Group at the University of Southampton. He is a Registered Nurse and specialised in critical care nursing before moving into nurse education and research.

At Winchester, David has been working with the Nursing team for the recent programme validation and establishing the undergraduate Nursing programmes. He is looking at developing and building interdisciplinary research in the new Faculty, as well as clinical nursing research and strengthening our research links with Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. See David's full biography here,

Theology award for research into Christian recovery programmes for addiction

Martin Howe shakes hand with woman while receiving award

University of Winchester Professional Doctorate in Theology and Practice (DTh) candidate, Martin Howe, has been awarded the 2019 British and Irish Association for Practical Theology (BIAPT) award for a publishable article.

Martin is pictured receiving the prize, from newly-elected chair of BIAPT Professor Nicola Slee, at a gala dinner celebrating 25 years of BIAPT, in the crypt of Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral.

Martin's winning article reports on a research project conducted alongside partners of the Christian charity Green Pastures, where Martin is a regional leader, providing consultancy for organisations supporting people in recovery from addiction. The participants shared with Martin the aspects of Christian faith that they have found most helpful in their recovery. Martin hopes that the resulting hallmarks of successful Christian recovery programmes will encourage a greater confidence in Christian faith as a crucial element of sustainable change. Martin's article will be published in a future edition of the journal Practical Theology.

Overtourism research study wins British Academy of Management funding

Congratulations to Dr Simon Smith, Dr Hugues Seraphin and Dr Adam Palmer, of the University of Winchester Business School, who have been awarded a prestigious and highly-competitive British Academy of Management Transition 2 Grant, to undertake research into overtourism and tourismphobia.

The year-long study will focus on three destinations in Hampshire - Winchester, the New Forest and Southampton - exploring and understanding paradoxical tensions within balancing the economic needs of a tourist destination versus the needs of local residents and the culture and natural heritage surrounding them.

In the longer term, the project will develop our understanding of overtourism, with a view to sharing existing practice and generating impact for successful sustainable tourism, including Sustainable Development Goal 11: to protect and safeguard the world's cultural and natural heritage'.

Professor Peter Stokes of De Montfort University is also a member of the study team.

New book explores civic and political participation

Climate Strike Protesters hold signs, visible one reads

As the school strike for climate movement - inspired by young Swedish activist Greta Thunberg - spreads globally, a new book co-authored by Senior Lecturer in Psychology Dr Dimitra Pachi, looks at the factors that influence young people's civic and political engagement.

Youth Civic and Political Engagement (2019, Routledge) is co-authored with Martyn Barrett, Emeritus Professor of Psychology at the University of Surrey, and incorporates research in the fields of psychology, sociology, political science and education to explore the issues.

New YouTube channel aims to increase public understanding of animal welfare issues

Cattle behind metal bars

A series of 29 short videos about key animal welfare concerns is now available to view on YouTube, thanks to a new online initiative by the University's Centre for Animal Welfare.

The films provide summaries of issues relating to the farming, transportation and slaughter of all major farmed species, as well as topics such as Brexit and farm animal welfare, the use of animals for entertainment, and more.

Professor Andrew Knight, Director of the Centre for Animal Welfare, said: "By providing key information about these issues in a highly accessible format, we aim to increase public understanding of the needs of animals, and the importance of maximising their welfare."

Visit the Centre for Animal Welfare YouTube channel.

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